Strategies And Justification Of Facebook Computer Science Essay

In 19th February 2010, Facebook has bought a little start-up company popularly known for their contact imported packages and this company is known as “ Octazen ” . Octazen is said to be really efficient and effectual when it comes to the scraping of informations without being found out. Facebook bought “ Octazen ” because this company have professional expertnesss in the assemblage of informations without go againsting their footings and conditions. Facebook besides work with companies such as “ Apple ” and “ Microsoft ” . Contact imported packages plays an of import function in the growing of facebook in the recent 5 old ages. Contact imported packages are really packages that provide the login informations for e-mailing intents and after that transport the e-mailing information of people you have contacted earlier on automatically. Because of this package, Facebook has become really utile for people in footings of supplying them a platform in happening their friends who are already present on the sites and besides let them to ask for friends whom have ne’er used Facebook before to make their ain histories and maintain in contact. Facebook presently has 240,000 applications available for their users due to the immense demands required by their users.

1 of the application is their exposure applications. Everyday at least, 24 million exposures are being uploaded onto their sites which amount up to twice the sum of the current traffic as compared to the other 3 applications. Facebook has besides made an attempt to widen the societal networking in relation to the Facebook ‘s interlingual rendition application in assisting their users globally in linking and sharing of information with people that carries a higher degree of importance to them.

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Because of the improvisation of the interlingual rendition application, many people from different states, races and faiths can hereby come together to discourse and speak about anything under the Moon. Due to the great enlargement in Facebook ‘s concern schemes. They are besides come oning to the nomadic market outside as it makes up the addition and lessening related to the geting tendency of the E-Commerce.

As such, Facebook is besides increasingly interrupting their barriers, fixing to come in the new market and besides in making strong competitions through the heavy trust of their societal and technological improvisations and their end in endeavoring for successes. Facebook is said to besides be co-operating with Strategic Design Network. Inc in conveying a new application called “ Game Toyz ” into the industry. This application provides a portal for the facebook users to play their games and win attractive awards and wagess without holding to go forth Facebook and besides let them entree to their Facebook online position and update it at the same clip and in add-on, they can besides chew the fat with their friends online while they are playing the games on Facebook. Due to the ailments received by Facebook from their users, Facebook has been bettering their services and besides seeking their best to decide any disagreements that its sites may do for its users, Facebook has besides being improvizing their web sites to do it better for their users and to supply a higher degree of convenience for their users, such as minimising the clip that they spend in logging in to their sites and besides the clip they use to entree to their friend ‘s sites. Facebook have besides provided a platform for their users, as such that every bit long as they have wireless entree or cyberspace entree, they can entree to their online sites anyplace anytime and at any topographic point.

This makes things easier for their users in footings of following their sites.

Fiscal system of Facebook

It is fiscal public presentation is stronger than as they antecedently believed, as the societal web is explosive growing in users and advertizers boosted in 2009 income to every bit much as $ 800 million, harmonizing to two beginnings familiar with the state of affairs. Facebook besides earned a solid net net income, in the 1000000s of dollars last twelvemonth, as what one of the beginnings said.

The growing in income and net income underscores how facebook income is progressively doing money for last 6 old ages old service and besides ranks as the universe ‘s largest societal web with about 500 million users. The facebook was created by Mark zuckerberg and his brothers in 2004, is in private held. Last July facebook board member told Reuters the company one-year gross is $ 500 million for 2009.

In September facebook said that it is become free hard currency flow significance that the company was bring forthing adequate hard currency to cover its operating disbursals. The assorted media studies say that the company ‘s gross at $ 500 million to $ 700 million. Since it is introduced, facebook has emerged as one of the cyberspace most popular finish. The facebook ( societal web ) is progressively disputing more constituted Internet participants such as Yahoo Inc and Google Inc for consumers ‘ online clip and for ad dollars, even as it tries to strike a delicate balance between protecting privateness and advancing societal sharing by its users. Facebook gets virtually all of its income come from on-line advertisement. And besides the company disbursals are lifting as they add 1000000s of users. Last February the company reached 275 million users around the universe, up from 100 million last February.

The company spends to a great extent on equipment such as a storage engineering. Facebook is now the universe ‘s largest exposure sharing site. Last October when it had 100 million users they upload 10 billion exposures to this site. The company storage costs are multiples of what mean companies spend.

To manage all the informations facebook required tonss of storage device every twelvemonth.

Ad for Facebook

If you are a really societal type of individual, so you will decidedly familiar with the societal networking sites called Facebook that have sprouted like mushrooms over the Internet. Harmonizing to on-line research, Facebook is now the universe ‘s largest societal web with over 500 million registered active users globally. Have you of all time wonder why Facebook is so popular? How did they go so popular in such a short period of clip? Online advertisement is a sort of advertizement that is used by Facebook in relation in making its intent of conveying and presenting selling message over the Internet or World Wide Web. The biggest advantage of on-line advertisement is that it allows instant publication of information and their contents are non restricted by Geography. There are besides several other signifiers of advertizements online such as utilizing of web streamers, implementing referral selling and besides including insouciant game that is being employed by Facebook so as to run into the demands of Facebook users and at the same clip pull new clients.

One signifier of advertisement done on the World Wide Web is known as web streamer or streamer ad. Web streamer involves the inserting of an advertizement into web page of a web site. Its chief intent is to pull web traffic to Facebook by merely snaping the hyperlink to the web site that links to the advertise from other web sites. This advertizement normally exists in an image of JPEG, PNG or GIF file format. Web traffic is fundamentally made up of different figure of visitants sing a page within a given period of clip. Bandwidth for Facebook must be sufficient plenty in order to let the big sum of informations sent and received by the visitants to a web site daily. Another manner of advancing services that has been adopted by Facebook is utilizing the referral selling. Facebook has been advancing their services to clients through referral which means the passing of information from one individual to another individual.

This method of advancing can besides be called as the viva-voce selling or referred to as unwritten communicating. Facebook does this by advancing their services to new clients or users and state them every bit item as possible about their services of precisely how their services will profit them. Facebook on the other manus besides employ advertisement services such as “ Casual Games ” . The ground why Facebook employ this service is because it can pull users that ever play games and research has shown that at least 70 % of the users play games on Facebook. Therefore, if they use the “ insouciant gambling ” services, it can profit them more than what they expected. Casual Games is a video game that is being used so as to aim the major audiences of gamers globally.

To play these games, you need the “ Internet ” . Hence insouciant game can besides be said to be an of import platform for Facebook in footings of advertizement intents.

Technology of Facebook

Facebook is constructed based on PHP, a web scheduling linguistic communication. Therefore, it is more flexible for Facebook to supply developer a common model which come in manus to develop a facebook-based application.

Indeed, facebook does supply a common APIs on. With the common APIs, applications for facebook now are easy to be built with rigorous security and compatibility. This means that facebook is progressing to the universe of mobility which is yet exploited.

Developer can salvage clip and attempt to develop application for facebook, which means doing facebook more popular on assorted platforms. Alternatively of fabricating a Facebook ain trade name, like what Google and Microsoft have done, Facebook has choose to do partnership with other nomadic phone maker. A really clearly illustration is the presence of Facebook App on most of the nomadic phones: iPhone, PDA, and Palm. By making this, Facebook will non necessitate to pass on researching and fabricating the hardware and package for nomadic phone. Acerate leaf to state, it wo n’t blow resource on viing with others like Apples, and Nokia. Furthermore, with increasing power of Mobile Phone processor, many promising characteristics shall be introduced to universe of mobility such as: facebook games with large names Zynga, Playfish and Playdom, publicizing with facebook on Mobiles. Facebook besides employs some of best endowments in engineering field to spread out its functionalities.

Video, exposure, maps, contact direction, location, real-time services are among those. Facebook besides employ cloud calculating engineering to function more and more clients. This builds up immense nomadic practical society which can do facebook go greatest market for many concerns. Facebook besides can work the velocity of 4G wireless local area network engineering to convey up more services to clients. Facebook has potential to be the biggest online portal for ITzens. Social mobility is a planetary market.

Nokia is the globally dominant nomadic market. A cooperation of Facebook and Nokia would unite the strengths of both companies. Nokia brings existent clip, contact direction maps, shopfront, nomadic payments and planetary experience. Facebook would give Nokia that consumer societal border it ‘s been trailing with limited success for several old ages.

Model of the endeavor system ( how they work with one another )

Recommendation ( how to better the facebook system )

Some methods that can be imposed on to farther enhance on the improvisation of Facebook is that the users should look into their friend ‘s list from clip to clip to guarantee that there are no doubtful characters present that made injury the facebook privateness system. They can besides deploy methods such as barricading external invitations and besides ban the spammers so that they got no chance to chop into other facebook users account or send virus to them that may in return put facebook in a unsafe state of affairs. At the same clip, they can let flexibleness in the changing of facebook ‘s privateness scenes so that it can protect both facebook and besides their users, farther heightening on their securities. Facebook ‘s disposal and proficient section can besides be hired on standby so as to supply any signifiers of aid needed at any clip required by their facebook users or even their ain organisation. This can besides assist prevent and extinguish any sudden jobs that occur along the manner and besides to advance better services and higher degree quality of work for its consumers and users. Facebook can besides engage more professionals in this field who have better apprehension and understand the processs and procedures involved, therefore supplying any signifier of aid in times of demand. This can besides rush up on the efficiency criterion of facebook as it allows users to hold a more comfy and problems-free environment for them to utilize Facebook and besides at the same clip, cut down their frights to the lower limit and at the same clip, convert them to hold assurance and religion in facebook. With both the users and organisation working together, facebook will go on to thrive and progress through the old ages in front.


Facebook is one of the few successful endeavor system that I have researched on that is able to run into the demands of the nomadic connectivity market. Facebook has created a nomadic platform which provides convenience to their users, as Facebook users can hold direct entree to their online sites every bit long as they have wireless entree, irrespective of at any topographic point or clip. At the same clip, they can besides update their positions, confabs and electronic mail with their friends with either their Mobile phones or if they have other nomadic devices such as “ iPad ” . The smartphone applications have employed Facebook icons on their apps shop, hence, doing it much more easy for users to entree to Facebook, and ground being, people do non necessitate to travel to seek engines to entree to facebook ‘s login page and it therefore aid to salvage a batch of clip. So by merely snaping the Facebook icon, users can straight entree to their Facebook which in bends besides help salvage the waiting clip as compared with utilizing hunt engines. After the debut to this app shops by smartphones, users can merely download any apps that they need and most of this apps are free of charge. Alternatively, even if you do non hold wireless entree, every bit long as you have 3G, you can besides derive direct entree to Facebook or any on-line web sites more expeditiously and efficaciously.

Harmonizing to research, Facebook Mobile is making up to about 150 million users per twenty-four hours which portrays a scenario that shows the popularity degree of Facebook and harmonizing to the numeral values given above, it has shown that through Facebook Mobile, users have exploited their services for their ain convenience intents. Hence, amounting to the immense population. Facebook besides uses the technique of E-Commerce, an online concern, users can open web sites or set up notes to advance their merchandises to other users, at the same clip, they can make other signifiers of advertizements such as ” looking for occupations, posting occupation ads and besides updates at the same time. E-commerce has proven to be an effectual method in run intoing the demands of nomadic connectivity because people all over the universe, can utilize their nomadic devices to purchase things or station ads for their consumers to see. Many other sellers and companies have besides exploited this service and it has been known to be effectual and utile.

Facebook is besides turning and bettering so as to be able to travel on to a new epoch of dwelling of merely nomadic connectivity. As a affair of fact that each person have a nomadic phone, it has led to a great encouragement in the current industry of nomadic connectivity. E.g. of nomadic application are: “ Photo Application & A ; Network Effect. ” As for the advertisement, Facebook uses referral selling, such as the usage of bead box, whereby users can entree to their information at any clip. With nomadic connectivity, people can utilize services such as emailing, making on-line concern minutess, set uping interviews, puting assignments, developing concern contacts, e-mailing, accessing work related contacts and paperss.