Strategies for Selling Pressure Cooker in Rural Market Essay

In keeping with the worldwide efforts to reduce global warming, Hawkins should go rural in promoting the same. Encourage the usage Pressure Cookers instead of open mouthed utensils by launching contests in rural areas wherin the women are encouraged to cook their best dishes in Hawkins Pressure Cookers. Definitely a good idea….. but Don,t you think that with out having a proper channel in rural market this CSR effort will not be successful. Hawkins has dealer network upto district level…. Below that Bhagwan Bharose.

Second thing is Hawkins Pressure Cooker is a bit expensive for rural people, where as there is a huge presence of local manufacturers who are offering a pressure cooker below Rs 1000, even you can find it by Rs 150/180. So why a villager will go for more than 2000 rupees if he is getting an option of less than 200. Third Thing: In your message “decrease fuel consumption to decrease the rate of GWarming” is the Key message But don’t you think that a villager hardly think about it! Rather Cost saving can be a better option(for the company) in case of global worming in this message.

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REDUCE THE COST OF FUEL IN COOKING Another example of the need for adapting the product to suit the rural market is that of Pressure cookers. Research has shown that Pressure cookers with two long handles on both sides will do better in rural areas because of their cooking habits. While urban customers use LPG gas, where flame can be controlled when removing the cooks, in the rural areas where fire wood or charcoal is used there is a risk of getting the hands burnt while performing the same act.

The Government of India should remove the excise duty on pressure cookers and rationalise sales tax structure. This will reduce the prices of pressure cookers and increase demand. Manufacturers must launch advertising campaigns in rural areas on the advantages of cooking with a pressure cooker. (rk)(vr)

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