Strategy next whether it is preparing for

Strategy is about preparing what to do next whether itis preparing for certain events, having a common goal or purpose, understandingwhere the future is going, the technology driving the direction and beingpro-active and not re-active.

 It’s about what I will do next.  I need to have a map as to my end goal and amirror to be able to honestly reflect.  1.   Thefour components of strategic leadership Environmental analysisis the centre of the strategy, it is looking at the outside factors that canhave an impact on your business.

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  Thesecould be items such as changes in the economy, consumer preferences, newtechnologies or substitute products with high brand image or low cost whichcould absorb a portion of the market.   A SWOT analysis would be the starting point, it willhelp to highlight a Company’s Internal Environment (strengths and weaknesses)and External Environment (Opportunities and threats). By identifying thesefactors a Company can significantly improve its performance.

  The Strategy is the choice of actions andallocation of resources, it’s about understanding the competition and how themarket gives value.  The first law ofstrategy is to re-shape the environment, impose your will on the world andexploit environmental opportunities. Make sure your objectives are:            Specific                                                            Measurable                                                            Achievable                                                            Realistic                                                            Time based Leadership isthe totality of resources, structures and processes. It’s the ability to createlong term strategies with others and being able to make the vision real forall.  The job of a leader is to destroythe organization, to disappoint the followers, unless you intervene todestabilize the ship it will continue on the same path, sometimes the old needsto be destroyed to create the new. A goodleader represents authentically what is going on around them and whenuncertainty comes about, is able to handle the pressure and keep re-energizingthe team.  It’s about knowing the peoplein the team and being able to use their strengths and weaknesses to ensure youhave a resilient, stable, skilled team and environment. The Organization isabout the structure, system and culture:-Ø Structure is the formal layout of the work.

  By clearly defining roles, functions, scopesof authority and systems we ensure that we have an efficient and properlyfunctioning business.  It is the Generalsjob to monitor and constantly change and realign as the requirements and needschange.Ø There needs to be a core operating system.  The system is generally composed ofindividual components which have been designed to maximize the performance ofthe individual component and the system as a whole. Understanding the nature ofthe systems even when they vary vastly ensures that the “pieces and parts”align with the organization to ensure no additional unintended outcomes orconsequences.Ø Culture is the personality of the organizationand when created by authentic leaders culture flows throughout their vision,value and purpose.

Culture gives you a sense of who you are, a collectivepurpose which allows an organization to work together as one whole to achievetheir goals.  By understanding thestrengths and weaknesses of your resources and putting the right peopletogether to complete a common task a culture of teamwork is created. 2.

  Making change I have had the pleasure of working, learning andgrowing in Discovery for 13 years and it is the incredible culture with the constantcertainty of change and learning that keeps me engaged.  Just an organization constantly has to changeand adapt, so do we as individuals yearn for that fulfilment that constantchallenges bring forth.  To bring thisabout I had to ensure I become a more influential part of the game and Iinitiated a move to a new team in 2017. While finding my feet I was able to have an outsider’s view of the environment,structures, systems and culture of a team critical to the core of Discovery’sbusiness.

  A team with the potential to takeour client interactions to the next level as driven by technology and thechanging clients requirements but, currently at the risk of failing due to the following:Ø Lack ofstructure, everyone is a chiefØ Resourcesbeing placed in roles they are not skilled or equipped to fulfil as seniorresources are not prepared to share their knowledgeØ A teamconstantly re-active to the environment being supported due to a system being builtwithout the future in mind and possible business risks.Ø Projectare leapt into without a clear strategy or understanding of the impact to theenvironment resulting in deadlines hardly ever being met.Ø 3resources having to do standby each day for one environment due to lack ofcross skilling.

Ø Badbusiness perception and understanding of the role the team plays.Ø 70% ofthe work has to be done by contractors due to lack of skills in the teamleaving us vulnerable and adding additional, unnecessary risk. The goal for 2018 is to break down and destroy the old in order tocreate a new resilient, stabile, highly skilled environment with a culture thatas described by John Maxwell “Smacks you in the face when you walk in”.   Not being the manager of the environment that I will be instrumental inre-shaping for the future strategies that are already lining up has requiredthat I have a honest conversation with myself and decide if I want to be in theroom as the game can and at times has been brutal but, I know that this iswhere I belong and to succeed I need to make sure I surround myself with theright people and be an authentic leader. Leadership is more and different tomanagement.  The below is the starting point of our journey: Ø Phase 1 is to implement the staff structure which has been documented andsigned off to ensure that there are clearly defined roles, functions and scopesof authority so that there is a clear view of who does what in order to have anefficient team.Ø Phase 2 is upskilling and cross skilling junior resources to be able toadequately do their job which will allow us to reduce operating costs andreliance on outside resources.Ø Phase 3 by stabilizing the environment we will be able to take our focus offthe immediate constant day to day issues and thus be more proactive, this willallow us to plan for the future and put the strategy in place.Ø Phase 4 by putting systems, structures and processes in place we will ensure thatwe can over deliver on our promise and change the perception of our department.