Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

Everyone has special qualities about themselves that give them their individuality. These qualities can be dissected into specific traits called strengths and weaknesses. To grow as a person, we must identify our own strengths to help us overcome our weaknesses. Through out our life, our strengths and weaknesses tend to gain more clarity as we get older. When I was a teenager, I did not focus so much on this part of myself. Now, it is imperative that I use my strengths to my advantage and focus on my weaknesses so that I can improve them.

Our strengths and weaknesses not only benefit and hinder us, they make us who and what we are. We are each unique, in part because of our good qualities and our bad. It is important to be aware of not only our personal strengths, but also our weaknesses, so that we can recognize when we may need to ask for help, or in what personal areas we need to focus efforts toward growth and change. Strengths are easier to come up with then weaknesses.

I feel one of my biggest strengths is that I am always dependable when it comes to the work place.I believe over the 15 years of working; I might have called in a half a dozen times to say I was sick. This gives me a sense of stability in my life, unlike if I was jumping from job to job. My employers know that they don”t have to worry about me, I”ll be there. I feel that this will be a great asset for my career and personal growth.

Creativity is another strength that I have. I always seem to come up with good and creative ideas. This benefits me in my personal and professional life.

It makes me feel good about myself, when people come up to me for ideas and solutions to problems.I love the challenge of finding creative and better ways of doing certain things. Finally, I believe one of my strengths is writing. I have always enjoyed writing. In school, I have earned consistently good marks on papers I have written. I believe good writing skill involves more than just getting words on paper; the words need to flow well.

There is a certain art in getting the right words in the right order to get a point across or to paint a picture in a reader’s mind. I believe I possess this skill and I hope it will serve me well throughout my career.Knowing one’s weaknesses is half the battle and I had a difficult time narrowing this list to just one or two faults that I would mention here. My most prominent shortcoming is that I am a master procrastinator. Over the years I have honed and perfected this skill to the point that it has become a personality trait, so entrenched that I can demonstrate it with no warning and no warm-up time. Sometimes, I so enjoy the feeling of anticipation that accompanies the beginning of a project that I never get around to actually starting it.Then if I do start it, I will challenge myself to get it done all at the last minute. If I am going to be successful, it is imperative that I either lose this “skill” or train myself to be more responsible about completing projects.

The only way to stop procrastinating is through determination, commitment, and a true desire to change. I believe I possess the determination and desire, and I commit today to apply myself to making this change in my character. The last Fault that I want to share with you is that I am bad at oral communication.I have this fear or phobia that I will say the wrong things and I will be embarrassed and laughed at. I have had this problem for a long time; speeches that I would have to give for school in front of the class would just not get done. I would actually take a zero for that assignment because I couldn”t handle it.

This is the one weakness that will hold me back in the business world. I have the strength and determination to tackle this feat. It will take a lot of courage to overcome this weakness, so that I may break down the wall I have built for myself and proceed with my future.

None of us is perfect, but I think we all strive to be the best we can. The first step in improving ourselves is to recognize our shortcomings along with our strong points. I have named a few of my stronger skills along with my more limiting weaknesses. What I need to do next is put into action the plans I mentioned to change those undesirable qualities, while at the same time continuing to develop the useful skills I possess. This will make it easier for me to obtain and reach the goals I have set forth for myself at home, work and any other endeavor I wish to pursue.