Strengths signed an apparel deal with the

?      Employs over 70000 people around the world:
Having a lot of employees for Nike proves that ,many people enjoy working for
Nike, and Nike’s increasing employees. show the many opportunities Nike gives
to people to work for them
?      Good Marketing which increases brand
recognition: Nike does an exceptional job of promoting their products. For
example, Nike signed an apparel deal with the NBA which means that every NBA
jersey has the nike logo on it.  Nike
also sponsors some high school basketball teams which helps promotes their
apparel to youth. They also have endorsement deals with the best athletes in
the world like Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving which further
helps them Market their company especially by having them appear in advertisements.
?      Variety of products. Nike sells accessories
and clothing for many sports like baseball, football, golf, basketball etc.
They even sell backpacks, socks, gym bags and t-shirts.
?      Products are offered Worldwide: Unlike many
companies, Nike sells their products worldwide with a total of 1,142 retail
stores and over 5 geographical regions. This allows anyone buy their product
no matter the country.

?      Expansion in the global markets could further
increase the brand recognition   of
Nike. It can also increase the profit and the competitive advantage for Nike.

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?      Increasing demand for Apparel, Accessories Sports
equipment and shoes
Increasing sports events
(Olympic,sFifa, world classic etc..) as the number of sports events increase
the more opportunities there are to support or sponsor an event. This could
benefit their global marketing.
Nike’s product
development offers many opportunities. Since Nike is not only known as a
sports a brand but a fashion brand, it can increase opportunities for the
?      There is also an opportunity to develop products such as sport wear,
sunglasses and jewellery. Such items with a value  often leads to high profits

?      Prices: The prices of Nike products tend to
be more expensive than their competitors. This would lead people with a low
income to buy from Nike’s competitors instead.
?      Depends too much on footwear: Nike is mainly
known for their footwear. This means that if they somehow repeatedly make
shoes that are low in quality it will causeits sales to decrease and it will
badly ruin the reputation of the company. And since their other products
aren’t as strong as their shoes it will cause their competitors to surpass
their profits if, they were to struggle selling shoes 
Nike relies heavily on IT in order to
manage its supply chains. Nike admitted that it is at serious risk if a
breakdown were to happen in these systems, resulting in bad effects on their
business and financial condition This puts them at a disadvantage against their
competitors, who don’t rely so heavily on IT.
Nike’s allegations of sweatshops and
child labourIndonesia may cause people to not want to work for Nike.

?      Competition: The athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment industry
is very competitive including well-known companies like Adidas, Reebok and
Under Armour. These companies sell products similar to Nike except they are
cheaper which could can be a disadvantage to Nike. Also, these companies have
endorsement deals with big athletes for example, Steph Curry is with Under
Armor, Lionel Messi is with Adidas and Allen Iverson is with Reebok. These
endorsement deals help market other companies which is a threat to Nike
?      Currency
Issues: Alternating currency can lead to a loss of money. This is because if
a currency value is converted to U.S, the profit may go done since some
countries currency value is lower than U.S it will cause the cost of a
product to decrease. 
Fake imitations and replicas can cause
a problem for Nike this can especially occur in developing nations that have
poor legal protection for patents
Rapid technological innovation by other
brands could also give Nike problems. This would force put pressure on Nike
to innovate their products at a rapid pace.