Stress in the Registrar’s Office at Argosy University Essay

Stress in the Registrar’s Office at Argosy University Silva B. Adeniyi B6125 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior Argosy University Atlanta Professor Andrea Banto February 5, 2012 Abstract The purpose of the study is to show the causes of stress in the Argosy University Registrar’s Office.

Population used for this study were employees that work in the Registrar’s office, four employees to be exact, answering a questionnaire about what causes each of them stress and other questions related to stress in the workplace. From the research we will see what causes stress in Argosy University Registrar’s office employees and managers, and what is recommended to relieve that stress. Lastly we will look at some stress management techniques.

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Stress in the Registrar’s Office at Argosy University History of the Registrar’s Office (Background) The Registrar’s Office started back in universities during medieval times where parish officials or academic officer announced messages and implemented decrees of the authorities at the University. In the United States, the first Registrar was a member of the faculty that keep academic records part-time, at Harvard College estimated in the 1636.

By 1880, the position of Registrar was a full time position in ten percent (10%) of institutions of higher learning, because college enrollment was growing, by 1900 forty-two percent (42%), by 1910 seventy-six percent (76%), by 1920 over ninety percent (90%). Registrars from 15 colleges gathered in Detroit, Michigan, on August 15, 1920, to form an enduring nationwide symposium that added the office of admissions in 1949, establishing the American Association of Collegiate Registrar’s and Admissions Officers (AACRAO).

Supporting the professional Registrar’s with responsibilities, roles and several services are the AACRAO, which is the parent organization (Registrar’s Office, 2009). History of Argosy University – Atlanta Argosy University is a University that is for profit; it has online classes at Phoenix campus, 19 on-ground campuses at five (5) colleges in 13 states. Argosy is owned by the Education Management Corporation (EDMC).

In September of 2001, Argosy University was started by amalgamation of the Medical Institute of Minnesota for medical technology careers for trained associated personnel of healthcare that was founded in 1961, The American School of Professional Psychology established by educators, psychologists, and additional professionals at the beginning of the 1970s, requesting a degree in clinical psychology giving emphasis to instruction and hands-on training above the investigation-oriented (Argosy University, 2012) method of the long-established PhD degree answering the developing wants of the medicinal community, and the University of Sarasota made available degreed programs in education and business for adults that worked combining a mixed format including concentrated study periods on-campus and distance learning for 30 years. Brief Overview of the Registrar’s Office at Argosy University

Argosy University Registrar’s Office provides students with transcripts that are officially certified, academic standing during each term and cumulative GPA for each term. Registrar’s Office assist students with adding, dropping, and swopping courses during enrollment, grade reporting, program withdrawals during each term, official name changes, changes to majors and prerequisite requirements. I work in the Argosy University Registrar’s Office as a student worker. My job is to help students register for classes online through their portal, match students name, degree, and their graduation date with the information on diploma/Petition to Graduate, and Dissertation for Doctorate Students, then I FedEx diploma to student (or check ID when the students pick up diploma).

If there is any correction to be made in regard to student’s diploma, I give it to the registrar and tell her what needs to be corrected. I keep a count each month of how many transcripts we send to other Universities. Put add/drop forms in binders by month and year, alphabetize transcripts every month and put in binders, alphabetize all student documents and put in their folders, pull and file student folders, copy students transcripts, letters of recommendation, and admission application when requested from other offices, answer students voicemails, separate and distribute mail, and any other thing I am asked to do. Problem I observed in the Registrar’s Office at Argosy University (Key Problem)

One of the major problems I have observed in the Registrar’s Office at Argosy University is stress with the employees because of the increased intensity of the job demands, work not distributed evenly among employees, lack of control over the pace of work, no training for new jobs given to employees, employees given jobs without prior knowledge, and deal with hostile students. When I asked the Employees this question from the questionnaire given to them by me is; what do you think causes stress when working in the Registrar’s office? The answers from the employees were the Registrar’s office is understaffed, volumes of work received, demand of students, supervisors unrealistic expectations, backlog of paperwork from 2010 to present causing employees to point fingers at who is the cause, non-communication between the managers and employees and no type of directions of how to process forms/documents.

The problems I have observed with management in the Registrar’s Office at Argosy University is stress with management because of not enough employees to do the work puts undue pressure on management, management wears too many hats, work long hours, no overtime pay, and dealing with hostile students. Literature Review Stress that is related to work affects employee’s well-being and health; this is a growing problem in the world not just the United States, affecting the productivity of their organization. Stress related to work in Australia is second to musculoskeletal disorders. Some factors that can cause stress related to work are long hours, heavy workload, changes within the organization, tight deadlines, changes to duties and job content and demands (Better Health Channel, 2011).

Stress can harm the employee’s business execution and health, because when the pressures in an organization become extreme or uncontrollable, stress is unavoidable. Findings from research show work is most stressful when extreme demands and pressure does not correspond to employee’s skills and know how, insufficient chance to exert any control or choice, and barely any support from employee’s or managers. Hazards that are stress related to work; individual employees have too much work, laboring beneath pressures of time, long work hours, roles not clear between employees, communication is deficient, and etc. , (Leka, Griffiths, & Cox, 2005).

Workplace stress is progressively becoming a serious crisis for the employee, society, and the employer, according to this study done in Pakistan. If you look at the charts in this article you will find that workload was the number one stressor, long hours, and this study says stress is 67% internal and 42% outside influences (Bhatti, Shar, Shaikh, & Nazar, 2010). In the workplace today stress is connected to job demands being more intense, no control over the work pace, inequity in work, communication is deprived between managers and employees, and working too many hours. In 2002 Aventis Healthcare Survey revealed that in Canada about 25 per cent of the employees said they became physically sick because of overwhelming stress (Handbook for Healthy Workplace, 2009).

I also collected information on stress in the Registrar’s office at Argosy University by giving employees a questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of 5 questions. I will state each question and then give you the overall consensus of the 4 employees from the Registrar’s office at Argosy University (there are 6 employees in the Registrar’s office besides the Registrar). My first question was; what do you think causes stress when working in the Registrar’s office? The employees answer is above under problem I observed in the Registrar’s Office at Argosy University (Key Problem). My second question was; what do you think will lessen the stress when you are working in the Registrar’s Office?

The employees answered communication when working in this environment is imperative for all department leaders to communicate with all employees, for supervision to understand in this high pace environment work will be left undone and there is potential for errors, reorganization, and just a simple thank-you and good job. My third question was; do you think your job in the Registrar’s Office should have some stress? Give details! The employees response was there will always be some kind of stress in any job, but when you are in the service industry dealing with people there will be stress, and stress is natural for humans stimulating our immune system keeping us in a constant state of fight or flight readiness.

My fourth question was; do you think there should be no stress in your job in the Registrar’s Office? Give details! The responses from the employees were they cannot say there should be no stressors in the Registrar’s office, but it is very stressful around census for everyone, stress is needed for human survival, or this job could be stress free if we ever get caught up on work and streamline some of the processes. My fifth question was; what would you recommend to lessen the stress in the Registrar’s Office? This question will be answered under recommendation. Recommendation I will start my recommendation to lessen stress in the Registrar’s office with the answers from the employees to my question number five (5).

The responses from the employees were half-day Fridays, more communication and have some process in place so that we can assist students, set of procedures for achieving task that are the same every time with minimal variations, work flow more organized to keep employees from feeling overwhelmed, add 5 employees to the team, and find the best practices for the Registrar’s office. The superlative exercise (or practices that best) for the Registrar’s office at Argosy University is an administration conception which declares there is a practice that if effective the greatest at providing a specific result than any other method (Henning, Hatlem, & Booze, 2007).

My recommendation to lessen stress in the Registrar’s Office at Argosy University is to hire enough new employees to distribute the work more evenly, and training them for the jobs. Procedures for Stress Management Relaxation exercises (Cook, 2006) 9–35 9–35 Exhibit 9–8 Exhibit 9–8 The Stress Tug-of-War The Stress Tug-of-War Stress Management Technique to be used for; Time Management – Employees need to set a schedule for themselves Relaxation – Pray Nutrition Exercise – Employees need to get up early and eat breakfast Positive Thinking – Repeat statements to one’s self to be optimistic Support Network – Talk to your partner about your stress at work (Cook, 2006) Reference Argosy University. (2012). About us. Retrieved from http://www. argosy. du/about-us/ Better Health Channel. (2011, November 29).

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