Stress on College Students Essay

Every person will experience some degree of stress in his or her life. Stress can be healthy. Stress can make a person feel hopeless, helpless, and powerless.

Constant worry about Problems can cause a diversity of physical symptoms. Some people face stress more than Others do. College students deal with stress each stage of courses. Gender, age, and finance Is a major influence on how a person experience stress in college. Bettina (2001) conducted research on stress stating, ‘’coping strategies used by adolescents Prove that boys use more problems oriented, and direct action approaches to stress.

Bettina (2001) says, ‘’Girls use passive and seeking strategies to cope with stress’’. Women like to talk About their stress with others and try to find friends to be of assistance to them. Men will Put unwanted energy into doing energetic things similar to sports, working or television.

In the Majority of households, girls are encouraged to converse feelings more than boys. Venting to Someone can help keep away from the sensation that stress is overpowering. Aid-win, Sutton, and Lachman (1996) studied whether stressful episodes provide content to the Development of coping resources and reported,’’ 81. % of men reported solving recent Problems by using prior coping strategies gained through encountering problems in their lives, Work, and family’’. As a person gets older, he or she is capable to cope with stress better. An older person will Find ways to minimize excitement and energy levels. A returning student, will tend to know Exactly what he or she wants to do with his or her future? Having insight into your future makes People more focus.

Returning students do not have the need to quench any curiosity with doing anything that will stray from their vision.When a student is eighteen years old recently out of high school, your mentality is different. A younger student is not sure of what he or wants to do.

A new student becomes very curious, with new a found freedom. New students tend to feel as if he or she were on top of the world and life will just get easier after high school. In ‘’Generation Me’’, written by Jean Twenge (2001), a professor of psychology at San Diego State University reported, ‘’Anxiety attributes to the individualism that characterizes the group born after the 1970s, and she links it to unrealistic optimism…young people (“GenerationMe”) have been brought up with unrealistic expectations about how their lives will turn out’’. ’ ’When things do not happen the way they expect they can hit anxiety and depression,” she says’’. Jean (2001) also says, ‘’at this point in a traditional student life, they are rediscovering themselves’’.

Some students travel away from the home for the first time, trying to cope with a mind-set of being alone. They do not have their comfortable support team close to them any longer. Smith Sandra Fucci; Smith Christopher (1990) states, “For most students’ college is a time of stress’’. ‘’College offers exciting new opportunities’’.Fucci (1990) says, ‘ ‘’With new opportunities comes with, pressures to succeed academically, socially and for many financially as well’’.

Fucci (19900 also say, ‘’New freedoms, chances to experiment, and the absence of daily parental supervision; demand that you deal with many difficult and stressful situations . Fucci (1990) also says,’’ some students cope with stress with ease while others are driven to anxiety, and depression’’. Michael Van Ameringen (2010) says,” The first of clinical depression, panic disorders and generalized anxiety typically manifest in the late teens of early twenties’’.Van Ameringen (2010) says, ‘‘Knowing the risk combined with stress from college experiences, makes college the most critical time of someone life’’. The majority students have never entered the employment force. Due to amplify College living expenses, students have to get a job. Now the student is face with financial burdens. It is no secret that college is very expensive with tuition fees, living expenses, and book costs.

Fossey,Richard (1998) says, “Unfortunately, as any college student can attest the cost of College education is going up’’. Financing college becomes a trouble for several people.Arnold, Chris (2011) says, “About 14 million Americans are facing foreclosure’’.

‘’Some have kids in college and those, struggling families must make tough choices about whether to borrow money to pay for school ‘’, he says. Students bear the pressure of their parents’ financial troubles and try to avoid extra debt obligation. When students get jobs to help pay for College, it brings on more stress for the job alone. Finding an even balance with work and College can be difficult. College is harder for non- traditional students returning to school.Non- Traditional students have homes and a family to take care of. Students with extra Responsibilities outside of college require some support to be successful. Non-traditional Students really stretch themselves thin trying to balance everything.

Having a desire to learn and improve their lifestyles, is why students go to college. College brings on a very complex lifestyle. Students who do not manage efficiently with pressure, they are at higher danger for failing school ‘’Unproductive coping strategies may contribute to student attribution rates’’, says Lander &ump;Hepworth, (1984).

Unhealthy consumption of food and drinks is a response to stress. Students are not able to take time and eat balance meals, because of lack of time management. In result of not having, enough time students are eating unhealthy meals on the go. Because money is a major factor students are eating what they can afford. An immediate resolution becomes fast food.

Fast food is cheap and fast. And also not healthy for anyone it does not give you the brain power you need to get throw the stress or to do the work that is causing the stress.