Structured Cabling Rfp Essay

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a formal invitation issued by a business or agency requesting interested vendors to submit written proposals meeting a particular set of requirements. If interested in bidding for the project, vendors respond with a description of the techniques that they would employ to meet the requirements, a plan of work, and a detailed budget for the project, including supporting information. An RFP may form part of the final contract once negotiations between the enterprise and the vendor are completed. Delete all information where text is colored GREY (e. g.

this paragraph).Fill in or delete all form fields shaded in GREY (e. g.

the “Insert Company Name Here” field below). Form shading does not print. Be sure to change all text to BLACK before printing or sending. Insert Company Name Here Request for Proposal for a Data Center Structured Cabling Solution Insert Date of Issue Here Table of Contents 1Statement of Work3 1. 1Purpose3 1. 2Coverage & Participation3 2General Information3 2. 1Original RFP Document3 2.

2The Enterprise3 2. 3Existing Technology Environment4 2. 4Schedule of Events4 3Proposal Preparation Instructions5 3. 1Vendor’s Understanding of the RFP5 . 2Good Faith Statement5 3.

3Communication5 3. 4Proposal Submission6 3. 5Method of Award7 3. 5. 1Selection & Notification8 4Scope of Work, Specifications & Requirements8 4. 1 Overview of Proposed Solution8 4.

2 Technical Specifications8 4. 2. 1 Main Equipment Room (MER) /Telecommunications Room (TR)8 4. 2. 2 Voice Communications8 4.

2. 3 Data Communications9 4. 2. 4 Equipment Cabinets, Racks & Tray Systems9 4. 2. 5 Cable Management9 4. 3 Testing9 4.

4 Warranty/Support9 4. 5 Sequence & Scheduling9 5Vendor Qualifications & References10 6Budget & Estimated Pricing11 6. Five Year Total Cost Summary11 7Vendor Certification12 Statement of Work 1 Purpose The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to invite prospective vendors to submit a proposal to supply a Structured Cabling solution to [Insert Enterprise Name Here]. The RFP provides vendors with the relevant operational, performance, and architectural requirements for the solution. 2 Coverage & Participation The intended coverage of this RFP, and any agreement resulting from this solicitation, shall be for the use of all departments at [Insert Enterprise Name Here] along with any satellite offices. Insert Enterprise Name Here] reserves the right to add and/or delete elements, or to change any element of the coverage and participation at any time without prior notification and without any liability or obligation of any kind or amount. General Information 1 Original RFP Document [Insert Enterprise Name Here] shall retain the RFP, and all related terms and conditions, exhibits, and other attachments in original form in an archival copy.

Any modification of these, in the vendor’s submission, is grounds for immediate disqualification.The RFP may not be distributed without prior written permission of [Insert Enterprise Name Here]. 2 The Enterprise Insert Enterprise Description Here Describe the enterprise in a few brief paragraphs.

State the core business of the enterprise, the number of employees and the general size of the IT infrastructure: number of workstations, servers, etc. Include a description of the business and location including any satellite offices that will be involved in the project. Describe the overall objectives of the Structured Cabling solution purchase. Focus on larger business goals, not technical specifications.For example, most enterprises put the purchase of a Structured Cabling solution in the context of meeting specific goals in a data center expansion or a building project, and to ensure a specific level of availability and future growth for the facility.

List how the structured cabling solution will contribute to these goals. For example: • Improve application availability through cabling and access redundancy. • Create a more efficient and flexible cable management environment. • Make maximum use of available cable pathway capacity through efficient utilization. Centralize management of all cable management through structured method. 3 Existing Technology Environment The following is a listing of our current data center environment. [Insert Enterprise Name Here] List the components of the current technical environment that will be directly impacted by the structured cabling solution.

For example: • 500 application servers, but expected to reduce this number to 350 through consolidation over the next 24 months. • 2,500 IP telephony needs with an expected growth rate of 12% over 48 months. • 3 interconnected sites on the corporate campus and 15 remote offices. Schedule of Events The following is a tentative schedule that will apply to this RFP but may change in accordance with the organization’s needs or unforeseen circumstances. List all major dates or milestones including the issuance of the RFP, the technical questions closing dates, the RFP response closing date (including an exact time and time zone), the end of evaluation date, and the final award notification date. Issuance of RFP[Insert Date Here] Technical Questions/Inquiries Due[Insert Date, Time, Time Zone Here] RFP Closes[Insert Date, Time, Time Zone Here]Complete Initial Evaluation[Insert Date Here] Final Award Notification[Insert Date Here] Example: Issuance of RFPNovember 10, 2008 Technical Questions/Inquiries DueDecember 8, 2008 17:00 EST RFP ClosesDecember 15, 2008 14:00 EST Complete Initial EvaluationJanuary 5, 2009 Final Award NotificationJanuary 12, 2009 Proposal Preparation Instructions 1 Vendor’s Understanding of the RFP In responding to this RFP, the vendor accepts the responsibility fully to understand the RFP in its entirety, and in detail, including making any inquiries to [Insert Enterprise Name Here] as necessary to gain such understanding. Insert Enterprise Name Here] reserves the right to disqualify any vendor who demonstrates less than such understanding. Furthermore, [Insert Enterprise Name Here] reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, whether the vendor has demonstrated such understanding.

That right extends to cancellation of award if award has been made. Such disqualification and/or cancellation shall be at no fault, cost, or liability whatsoever to [Insert Enterprise Name Here]. 2 Good Faith Statement All information provided by [Insert Enterprise Name Here] in this RFP is offered in good faith.Individual items are subject to change at any time. [Insert Enterprise Name Here] makes no certification that any item is without error. [Insert Enterprise Name Here] is not responsible or liable for any use of the information or for any claims asserted there from.

3 Communication Verbal communication shall not be effective unless formally confirmed in writing by a specified procurement official in charge of managing this RFP process. In no case shall verbal communication govern over written communication.Vendors’ inquiries, questions, and requests for clarification related to this RFP are to be directed in writing to: [Insert Enterprise Name Here] [Insert Department Name Here] [Insert Address Here] [Insert City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code Here] Attention:[Insert Contact Name Here] Telephone:[Insert (Area Code) Phone Number Here] Fax:[Insert (Area Code) Fax Number Here] E-mail:[Insert Contact E-mail Address Here] Applicable terms and conditions herein shall govern communications and inquiries between [Insert Enterprise Name Here] and vendors as they relate to this RFP.Informal Communications shall include, but are not limited to: requests from/to vendors or vendors’ representatives in any capacity, to/from any [Insert Enterprise Name Here] employee or representative of any kind or capacity with the exception of [Insert Enterprise Name Here] for information, comments, speculation, etc. Inquiries for clarifications and information that will not require addenda may be submitted verbally to the named above at any time.

Formal Communications shall include, but are not limited to: Questions concerning this RFP must be submitted in writing and be received prior to [Insert Date, Time, Time Zone Here]. • Errors and omissions in this RFP and enhancements: Vendors shall bring to [Insert Enterprise Name Here] any discrepancies, errors, or omissions that may exist within this RFP. With respect to this RFP, vendors shall recommend to [Insert Enterprise Name Here] any enhancements, which might be in [Insert Enterprise Name Here] best interests. These must be submitted in writing and received prior to [Insert Date, Time, Time Zone Here]. Inquiries about technical interpretations must be submitted in writing and received prior to [Insert Date, Time, Time Zone Here]. • Inquiries for clarifications/information that will not require addenda may be submitted verbally to the buyer named above at any time during this process. • Verbal and/or written presentations and pre-award negations under this RFP. • Addenda to this RFP.

Addenda: [Insert Enterprise Name Here] will make a good-faith effort to provide a written response to each question or request for clarification that requires addenda within [Insert Number of Days (#) Here] business days.Indicate how written responses will be addressed. Example: All addenda will be posted to our Web site only. Insert Site Address or other Form of Communication Here Example: http://www. organization. com/RFPvendoraddenda.

html [Insert Enterprise Name Here] will not respond to any questions/requests for clarification that require addenda, if received by [Insert Enterprise Name Here] after [Insert Date, Time, Time Zone Here]. 4 Proposal Submission Proposals must be delivered sealed to: [Insert Contact Name Here] [Insert Enterprise Name Here] Insert Department Name Here] [Insert Address Here] [Insert City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code Here] Example: Enterprise Contact Person Enterprise Full Name Department Street Address City, State, Zip on or prior to [Insert Date, Time, Time Zone Here]. [Insert Enterprise Name Here] shall not accept proposals received by fax.

Vendors are to submit [Insert Number of Copies (#) Here] original copy of proposal marked “Original” and [Insert Number of Copies (#) Here], marked “Copy. ” Each original and copy must be individually bound.Submissions should also include the following: • Bill of materials noting long lead time items. • Project schedule including all major work components that materially affect any other work on the project. All submitted proposals become the property of [Insert Enterprise Name Here]. Note that many companies do not allow vendors to submit any proprietary or confidential information, and it is thus noted in the RFP instructions. 5 Method of Award The evaluation of each response to this RFP will be based on its demonstrated competence, compliance, format, and enterprise.The purpose of this RFP is to identify those suppliers that have the interest, capability, and financial strength to supply [Insert Enterprise Name Here] with a structured cabling solution identified in the Scope of Work.

Evaluation Criteria: 1. Insert Criterion Here 2. Insert Criterion Here 3. Insert Criterion Here 4. Insert Criterion Here 5. Insert Criterion Here Example: 1.

Capability of vendor to meet or exceed requirements set forth in Scope of Work. 2. Expressed interest in working with [Insert Enterprise Name Here].

3. Financial stability of vendor. 4.Ability of vendor to communicate its vision and capacity for establishing a relationship that addresses current and future needs and trends in the industry. 5. Apparent likelihood and desirability of proposed software. 6 Selection & Notification Vendors determined by [Insert Enterprise Name Here] to possess the capacity to compete for this contract will be selected to move into the negotiation phase of this process.

Written notification will be sent to these vendors via mail. Those vendors not selected for the negotiation phase will not be notified. Scope of Work, Specifications & RequirementsInclude a detailed list of the Business and System Requirements. Include further description for each requirement and ask the vendor to describe how they will fulfill each requirement. Use the list of potential structured cabling features listed below as a starting point. Add, expand upon, modify, or delete requirements as needed. 1 Overview of Proposed Solution Provide the high-level description of the proposed Data Center structured cabling solution as well as its basic elements (racks and cabinets, terminations, documentation, cross-connect subsystem, expansion options, testing, industry standards referenced).

Describe in general terms the critical attributes of the solution which will have a major impact on [Insert Enterprise Name Here] meeting our overall goals as stated in Section 2 above. Also list included software for cable management as well as inventory management software inputs. 2 Technical Specifications Please describe in detail how the proposed structured cabling solution will meet or exceed each of the following baseline requirements.

Provide baseline technical requirements for the structured cabling solution.For each requirement have the vendor list what their solution provides. The vendor, of course, will be motivated to exceed baseline requirements. 3 Main Equipment Room (MER)/ Telecommunications Room (TR) A MER or TR is an area within the data center to house equipment associated with the telecommunications/data wiring systems. State a baseline requirement for specification from the solution as well as expectations for longer-term incremental non-disruptive growth. For example: a single intra-building backbone with the capability to grow capacity to a campus-wide distribution frame.Vendors should also indicate if their solution meets grounding and bonding requirements, and lightning and surge protection requirements. 4 Voice Communications Specify whether patch panels (RJ-45) or 110 cross-connect system (rack mounted field terminated wiring blocks) will be required.

Include current baseline requirements for number of terminations as well as long-term growth expectations. For example: vendor must install adequate cross-connect equipment to allow for a minimum of 20% additional growth (terminations) upon acceptance.Mounted and fixed cross-connect fields and frames must to allow for easy expansion. 5 Data Communications Provide specific details about the number of connections required by application (e. g. LANs, IP telephony servers and switches, SANs, WANs, high-end workstations, server clusters). Additionally, provide guidance on cabling media to be included or excluded (e. g.

Category 5E, Category 6A Infiniband, Multimode fiber (OM3), Single mode fiber (OS1), etc. ) Include current baseline requirements for number of terminations as well as long-term growth expectations.For example: the solution shall provide for a minimum 20% additional growth (terminations) for each application after all base-line requirements described by [Insert Enterprise Name Here] have been met. All patched panels and cross-connect frames must allow for easy expansion. 6 Equipment Cabinets, Racks & Tray Systems Provide specific details about the current number of connections required by application (e. g. LANs, IP telephony servers and switches, SANs, WANs, high-end workstations, server clusters).

Additionally provide the vendor with architectural drawings of the room.Include any specific requirements such as lockable cabinet requirements, if electrical strips are to be included in the solution, fill ratio limits, etc. For example: the solution shall be well placed, flexible, and accessible.

Data center hosted applications require that cables and cable pathways be protected from damage, degradation, and heat loads. All cabling equipment and mechanical pathways must provide separation of power and data, ensure accessibility and security, and have a maximum pathway fill at a delivery of 25% to allow for future growth. 7 Cable ManagementState the enterprise requirements for the ongoing cable management of the solution. For example: the vendor’s solution is expected to allow [Insert Enterprise Name Here] to maintain a database of structure cabling components across the data center. This solution must utilize proper labeling schemas for terminations (e. g.

color coded to indicate application, no hand written labels), include Visio, CAD and/or shop floor drawings for all solution sub-systems and rooms, and equipment lists in an electronic format. 8 Testing Describe the base requirements and for testing off the solution by application.For example: testing shall conform to ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B. 1 standards.

Testing is expected to be completed using level IIe or higher field testers. Submit electronic media with test results. 9 Warrant/ Support State a base requirement for support and warranties. For example: unless otherwise specified, the vendor should unconditionally guarantee in writing the materials, equipment, and workmanship for a period of not less than fifteen (15) years from the date of acceptance by the enterprise. [Insert Enterprise Name Here] shall deem acceptance as beneficial use. 10 Sequence & SchedulingSubmit schedule for installation of equipment and cabling. Indicate delivery, installation, and testing for conformance to completion dates.

Vendor Qualifications & References All vendors must provide the following information in order for their proposal to be considered: 1. A brief outline of the vendor company and services offered, including: • Full legal name of the company. • Year business was established. • Number of people currently employed. • Income statement and balance sheet for each of the two most recently completed fiscal years certified by a public accountant. Note this may not be forthcoming from privately held companies.

) 2. An outline of the product line-up they currently support. 3. A description of their geographic reach and market penetration. 4. An outline of their partnerships and relationships to date. 5. An outline of their current and future strategies in the marketplace.

6. Information on current clients, including: • Total number of current clients. • A list of clients with similar needs using the same solution. • Evidence of successful completion of a project of a similar size and complexity. 7.

References: contact information for 3 references (if possible) from projects similar in size, application, and scope, and a brief description of their implementation. Budget & Estimated Pricing [Insert Enterprise Name Here] has a total budget of [Insert Total Budget Figure & Currency Type Here] for this project. All vendors must fill out the following cost breakdown for the implementation of their structured cabling solution for [Insert Enterprise Name Here]’s project as described in this RFP. Costs should be identified as either capital or non-capital in nature.The vendor must agree to keep these prices valid for [Insert Number of Days (#) Here] days as of [Insert Date, Time, and Time Zone Here]. 1 Five Year Total Cost Summary Provide a five year cost summary as displayed below. |Five Year Total Cost Summary | |Costs |Total |Year 1 |Year 2 |Year 3 |Year 4 |Year 5 | |Structural/room costs, coring, etc. | | | | | | |Cross-connect material and hardware | | | | | | | |Equipment cabinets, racks, and cable tray | | | | | | | |systems | | | | | | | |Electrical, grounding, bonding, surge | | | | | | | |protection | | | | | | | |Support/maintenance | | | | | | | |Installation | | | | | | | |Integration | | | | | | | |Miscellaneous | | | | | | | |Other (specify) | | | | | | | |Total: | | | | | | | .

Vendor CertificationThis certification attests to the vendor’s awareness and agreement to the content of this RFP, and all accompanying calendar schedules and provisions contained herein. The vendor must ensure that the following certificate is duly completed and correctly executed by an authorized officer of your company. This proposal is submitted in response to the Request for Proposal for a Data Center Structured Cabling Solution issued by [Insert Enterprise Name Here]. The undersigned is a duly authorized officer, and hereby certifies that: | | (Vendor Name) grees to be bound by the content of this proposal and agrees to comply with the terms, conditions, and provisions of the referenced RFP and any addenda thereto in the event of an award. Exceptions are to be noted as stated in the RFP.

The proposal shall remain in effect for a period of [Insert Number of Days (#) Here] calendar days as of the Due Date of the RFP. The undersigned further certify that their firm (check one): IS IS NOT currently debarred, suspended, or proposed for debarment by any federal entity. The undersigned agree to notify [Insert Enterprise Name Here] of any change in this status, should one occur, until such time as an award has been made under this procurement action. Person(s) authorized to negotiate on behalf of this firm for purposes of this RFP are: Name: | |Title: | | |Signature: | |Date: | | | | |Title: | | |Name: | | | | |Signature: | |Date: | | Signature of Authorized Officer: Name: | |Title: | | |Signature: | |Date: | | _____________________________________________________ Info-Tech’s products and services combine actionable insight and relevant advice with ready-to-use tools and templates that cover the full spectrum of IT concerns. Our practical approach is designed to have a clear and measurable positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.

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