Student Athlete Cheating Essay

On TV, you see athletes being put on trial for Cheating. So what makes these athletes cheat? Athletes would be more cautious because they are being viewed by everyone. But you would think that they cheat to have the fame and money but it’s not, it’s to survive their sport, (Bill Gifford). Surviving the sport that they are in is hard because there are rookies coming into the game that have trained harder than these pervious athletes.

Athletes cheat so they don’t have to train as hard to the point of this is so that they’re the best at there position.British cyclist David Millar had used testosterone boosters, “The moment you dope you become 10 times more of a professional,” “You say, ‘this is no longer a sport, this is my job. ”(Bill Gifford) There are many ways to cheat in sports. The main way to cheat is the usage of supplements that enhance your body to new levels of performance. Those supplements would be steroids, human growth hormone, testosterone boosters, and other supplements that induce your body with high level of endurance and stamina.Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones that can boost the body’s ability to produce muscle and prevent muscle breakdown. Some athlete’s take steroids with the hopes that they will improve their ability to run faster, hit harder, lift more weight, jump higher, or have more endurance (Kid’s Health).

All supplements can damage the human body, because the body is not able to with-stand the dosage or the chemicals that are contained in them. It takes time for the body to show damage from these chemicals.After taking steroids it can takes years to find out that you have an enlarged heart or even in some cases it can create tumors in your body that will kill the user (Kid’s Health). You would hope that this is just a problem with professional but unfortunately it’s not, it occurs in high school as well. These teen athletes don’t know what they’re getting into.

A kids dream is to be as good as their role model; so high school athletes see these pros cheating and believe that if they can do it, so can they. The thought of being bigger, faster, and stronger also comes into play.This is where they start with supplements such as creatine and small amounts of testosterone boosters. They don’t see the results that they wish would occur, so steroids are their next choice. The percentages of kids that have taken steroids have risen from 6 percent to 11 percent (Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy). Coaches are scared that their players are taking performance enhancement drugs.

High schools have now initiate routine drug testing that can catch the slightest use of steroid and other drugs. The only bad thing is that most schools can’t afford these so these kids have less routine checks.The lack of testing causes more kids to consume performance enhancing drugs. Since College is the level that these kids want to play at and the fact that scouts look for kids that show skill athletes will do anything to their body to impress the scouts and get to play at the college level.

At one of my weight lifting meets, we were facing a tough school. One kid in my weight class was insanely strong. I knew he had been taking some kind of supplement because we had another match with them in the past and he was not as strong then nor, did he have the body mass that he has now.Just seeing him lift an extra 90 pounds in both lifts was suspicious. I know for a fact that their coach helped them out because they pour supplements in there drinks before the competition; when the rule states that you are not allowed until the end of the event. Top high school teams are pressured to win, while being pressured they believe taking steroids can help them. According to Ken, a football player, “It gives an unfair advantage to players and takes opportunities away from other players who are trying to make it on their own.

Consequences on steroid abuse has been associated with a wide range of side effects ranging from being physically unattractive, such as acne and breast development in men, to others that are life threatening, such as heart attacks and liver cancer. Most are reversible if the abuser stops taking the drugs, but some are permanent (NIDA). If you can’t stop using steroids it will kill you. This is because steroids make cell growth increase rapidly. This is bad because your body wants to be at homeostasis “internal balance”.Sudden death (diagnosis) is an incident that is caused by cardio vascular disease.

Studies show that most teen athletes that have died from Sudden death have been proven to be on some kind of performance enhancing drug. Sudden death occurs one to twelve hours after physical activity. Physical activity can cause your body to go into cardiac arrest because your cells are over producing. (MHIF) Rob Garibaldi is a great example that shows that a young talented player in high school can end up dead because he wasn’t big enough to play in college.

The college coaches then gave him bags after bags full of supplements telling him that he need to gain more muscle. This is what led him to use steroids. After continuing to use steroids his brain had undergone psychological change. The steroids caused him anger that he couldn’t with and eventually committed suicide (SFC). Why would kids still have the dream to be like some of the pros that cheat? After all the research in the world that has shown that you can die by trying to cheat yourself to be better.Once athletes have started most of them won’t stop because they see the tremendous increase or what we call bigger, stronger, and faster. They love how fast they saw results, and believe if they can continue taking performance enhancing supplements throughout college, they will be a top player to be watched in the pros.

All this is again a way to win, and to be better. It’s funny how kids that take performance enhancing supplements don’t learn to stop and they bring these attributes to college game play. Figuring it out becomes a lot worse and more eyes are being put on them.How can you call an athlete that cheats their way through the sport they play a role model? It’s unimaginable how you can have the mind set to even think about using drugs to improve your performance in game play. Life is not like a video game where you can put a cheat code in, and set a way with it. You have young athletes that look up to these pros and some of them are like god to them.

It’s not fair to these young athletes to be exposed to this. Seeing these athletes wanting to be like their favorite pro, and just seeing them on the new for cheating is heart breaking for them.Barry Bonds is a great athlete that plays baseball. Bonds, who is in his late 30’s, was hitting more than 70 home runs in a single season.

But it was fishy because just a couple years back he was hitting less than 50 home runs a year and wasn’t as bulked up as he is now. Now you see on the news how Barry Bonds has cheated himself in his own sport, because he was tested positive of the usage of steroids (Bill Gifford). Just seeing this happen to an athlete at the top of his game can put down a child that is inspiring to become a pro themselves.It can put a mental damper on them not wanting to do their dream because they believe everyone is cheating. “There are major financial incentives in some of our high profile sports, and doping is part of the price of doing business,” (John Hoberman). Believing that money is what these athletes look for. True, most of these athletes only want more money, so they juice up to be better than anyone out there.

They cheat themselves earning the money and the admiring fans that come with it. They think money is an inspiration and don’t care about sportsmanship.It’s hard for us as fans to see these athletes do well in a event then all of a sudden they are called into a press conference telling us that they don’t feel right about their win and cough’s up the truth of cheating in the event. Nina Kraft is an ironman winner of the 2004 Hawaiian ironman competition. Running was the last event of the competition.

She was at least 2 miles ahead of competitors. She was pushing so hard but when you watched her, she seemed like nothing was going on and that everything looked real easy to her.As she was crossing the finish line she did not feel like a victor at all. She couldn’t even pull her head up to see her adoring fans that had cheered her on. She couldn’t help it, and couldn’t even try to fake a smile, she was disappointed in herself. At the press conference after the win, she explained why she wasn’t happy about her victory. “I screwed up” said Nina, she had used a testosterone booster that allowed her to pump up her endurance, allowing her to keep her stamina and her energy up without losing it as fast.

“I never really rejoiced over the victory in Hawaii.I was ashamed the entire time, especially in front of my family. I cheated. ” Nina couldn’t handle the pressure of cheating, nor could she handle the mind set of being a cheater, she was ashamed to be an athlete. In 2003, New York Yankees star Jason Giambi had admitted to the usage of steroids and human growth hormones. He had gotten his steroid from a friend no other than Barry Bonds.

Three years with the Yankees after leaving the minor leagues he grew a tumor on his pituitary gland and also had intestinal parasite (SFgate).The steroids that he was taking were making his cells multiply and grow faster than normal. All Giambi wanted was to be able to work out and keep playing baseball because he didn’t want his old age to start creeping up on him. Giambi testified for his usage of steroids in major league baseball.

At his trial he was to give up the name that provided him the steroids and the reason why he wanted to get ahead of the game. When entering the Yankees spring training he was much smaller, everyone had noticed the stoppage of steroids had made him smaller than ever.Funny thing is that Jason Giambi had helped his younger brother Jeremy get into steroids and testosterone booster. They were both on trial for the same reason; testing positive of the usage of performance enhancing drugs. Steroids can affect your body in many ways physically and mentally.

The usage of steroids doesn’t just hit you and your family but all your fans too. They worry about the users’ health and wellbeing. Steroids make cells grow rapidly; this is how tumors are developed.

Abusing steroids is a serious problem, because it can lead to major cardiovascular diseases, heart attack and even strokes.Physically, steroids take a toll on both male and female’s. Males develop baldness and breast. Because males already produce enough testosterone and just adding more testosterone becomes more like estrogen, a hormone produce by females. This makes males get more feminine feature. Females produce testosterone but it’s only in small amounts. They grow facial hair, develop a deeper voice, and breast reduction. If you are over dosing on steroids, your body will develop acne all over, but over dosing can cause your muscles to get infected.

Many users don’t sterile the syringe, and continue to reuse them. This causes an infection in the muscle that can make your muscles to look like a big zit. Steroids take a big part in the mental stage of a person.

Limbic system is the part of the brain that influences your mood, learning and memory. Steroids affect this by causing you to become depressed. Some users become so depressed they commit suicide. Especially the younger users because they become emotional and feel they have let down their family and friends.When the steroids enter your body, the pituitary gland is the first to be acted on, because it is the first part of the brain acting as the base.

It makes it malfunctioned, not allowing the right amount of hormone to be secreted to the brain. People see these users as normal at first, but when the steroid have taken over the brain, it causes the user to go into an outrage, this is called roid rage. They will be nice at one moment then all of a sudden something bothers them, they become more outrage then they normally are (NIDA)Cheating in sports happen in all levels starting out with high school athlete that want to be like their favorite pro star all the way up to those pros. It’s horrible that people come to cheating their way in sport that they love to play. Players seem to live for their sport, but it’s only a percentage of them. Pro athletes are the main cause of this to situation to the young people. The young athletes believe if they use performance enhancing drugs, they will get ahead of the game allowing them to get looked at like a pro. All of this is really just for money and fame, but again they’re the ones hat cheat themselves to enhance their body so they can compete with the young upcoming athletes.

The way we see an athlete has changed, if they look bulk or if they run faster and further they must be on something. It’s inhuman to see a normal person and compare them to a user, which is physically obvious. The way people can get super defined and chiseled with an easy dose of these performance enhancing drugs. It’s unbelievable how this is happening.

Having to work hard while I was playing sports is what I needed to do to compete.The teams that we went against were inhumanely big, but I didn’t let that intimidate me. I had the heart and the will to stand up for myself, while these guys were taking supplements that I would not take. They are just hurting their bodies while all I had to think about was making a fool out of them while I take them out in football and out lifting them in weight lifting.

The thing that made me smile was seeing the look in their faces when I am embarrassing them, because I was half the size of most of the guys that I went up against.