Student: Social Relation and Life Essay

Our presentation today is about the advantages and disadvantages of living far from home. As you can see, in our class, we have many classmates come from the other regions. And I’m sure that this topic is not difficult to imagine and to understand. We devise our presentation in two aspects: social life and daily life. And we will tell you both advantages and disadvantages in two types of life. To many students coming from distant provinces, the experience of living away from home may be one of the best parts in their university life. This can be really unforgettable and exciting, and at the same time, it has a very important effect on students’ life, especially freshmen, as for many of whom, this is their first time living so far away from home in such a long period. To some extents, both trends have their own advantages and disadvantages which have the major effect on the final decision of each student on the threshold of their new life in the universities.

Now we start our opinion about the topic today with the first domain: social life. So firstly, I think that you will leave a vivid, colorful, wonderful and unforgetable memory in your life when you have such a much more dramatic life. You have some friends from different places, you share what you know about life with your friends, you go for sightseeing together..

.More importantly, living far away from home can teach us the invaluable lesson of living in harmony with other people. We learn to live with many roommates, and sometimes, bear with their bad habits. We learn to tolerate, as well as respect others. Apparently, it is like we are living in a small society, and this will help us a lot in getting along with people later in our career.

Furthermore, most of students get a part-time job. That’s the good atmosphere to teach them some skill helpful with her profession in the future. And when you work, you will be on contact with other worker, that bring to you some necessary social relationships.But next to these positive points we have also the negative points.

When you live alone, out of your parents control, you can meet some problem that you never think about. Like you meet a bad friend, and he or she can (loi dung) du do. That can bring to you some bad consequences for example your result is not well, …And the most dangerous risk we must to talk about is the social relation.When you’re outside of parents control, you are responsible for yourself to avoid many bad habits of the life styles such as: Drugs, sex, gamble… Since, father and mother know what relation is good for you, they can protect you while you stay with them.

But now no one can help you. It’s hard to avoid being in a wrong way or being seduced by a bad person. Your parents now can’t make a decision for you, you have to choose by yourself.And now we move on to the next aspect of our presentation: daily life.As you can see, being away from home, first of all, does have some benefits. It is the chance to gain a new experience, at least, regardless of wherever people choose to go.

This gives us a new feeling of independence. Many of us have been craving for freedom even since highschool years. After all those times being in the control of over – protective parents, now we can get away from all the bindings, and, in some way, stretch our wings. Once you begin a new life in grand cities, you will live far from your parents love, you must to do everything by yourself, from bigger ones such as balancing our budget, making ends meet, to smaller tasks like cleaning our rooms, doing our washing up, or cooking our own meals, and learning to get around by buses. To put it simple, you must to do something which was your mother’s job before, such as wash your clothes, cook, and take care to your home. That’s the way you learn how to take care of yourself.Going away from home is students’ pride and joy.

They always take pride in their personal growth. We can see that living without parents control gives you a chance. That’s your chance to grow up, to prove your consciousness with your own life, also with your study . When you live in parent’s love, they care about everything of you such as your meal, your sleep… but now it’s you who take control of your life. You can eat everything you like, or you can skip meals. At home your parents must to ask you to learn but now you can study whenever you want.

It’s you who decide your study time and of course your result in university. Moreover, living alone helps you to have some skills. Firstly, you learn how to make decision in any problem by yourself. Secondly, you can control your finance. Before, at home you don’t need to care about how much you spend in one day or week. When your pocket is empty, with several sweet speeches, your parents will give you some. But now, it’s not like that anymore.Each month, you receive only a limited sum of money and you must survive within month.

That’s your chance to learn how to manage your finance. Thirdly, that gives you a chance to practice an important skill: organizing your life. In conclusion, living far away from home can be difficult at the beginning, but once you have got used to it, it can be highly interesting.

Try your best to overcome whatever problems lying ahead, and enjoy this memorable period of your life. But, that’s not happening to all students living far from home. There are some princes or princesses who was used to parental care, and they can’t habituate to the new hard life. For help you to comprehend clearly, we would like to present to you another movie most students, studying in Hanoi, come from other regions.

Not so far, in our class, we have half friend who don’t live in Hanoi before, they come from Nam Dinh, Hai Phong… So I think that you guys who live free now feel that life’s changing. There are many advantages, and disadvantages too. There is one point that you can realize immediately. The first disadvantage of living far from home is that we often get homesick. When we stay with our parents, they always take care of us and pay attention to what we do. So when we live away from home, we often miss our parents.

We might miss the moments that we share with our family, or even familiar things, which used to belong to us such as our rooms, our pets and so on. Another difficulty of living far from home is that we have to do everything by ourselves. We have to do from bigger to smaller things like cooking our meals, washing our clothes, cleaning our rooms, etc, which used to be done with our parents’ help. Moreover, they learn and do housework at the same time.That makes them feel tired and bored. They might have a stress.

Furthermore, some poor student must to do part-time job for paying their billets of their study. They spend so much time and energy for that so it affects their health and their result at college. Sometimes that can bring some sickness to them.