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Student’s First and Last NamesProfessor BonnorENGL 1301Due DateYour Life: Now in The Hands of Gun OwnersWith the new rights and the secondamendment,there have been two incidents back tobackthis past week and it is tragic to hearthat incidents like thisarehappening.KendrexJ.White, the suspect who attacked people with a “knife” killed onepersonand injured three peopleattheUniversityofTexas. Another incident happened in North LakeCollege, with a gun,whichcaused the death of two people. The numbers are not drastically different but it shows how muchmore damage can be done with a gun. If the individual in theUniversityof Texas had a gun,there would be many more victims in thatsituation since the suspect was diagnosedwithmentalillness.It’s insane how far theUnited Stateshas come with the second amendment and now tocampus carry. There have been many mass shootings all over the country and all causedby gunsbeing in the hands of wrong people. Guns were made for wars and for people to protect theirlands from being taken away by force. The second amendment was passed for “A well-regulatedMilitia the right to bear arms.” It was passed in 1789 and revised in 1992. In 1992,they changedthe language of the second amendment by removing the definition of militia. The use of militiain the 1780’s was to preventthe establishment of a standing army.However, we are in the 21stcentury with a greatmilitaryand no worries of the government taking away our rights any timesoon.The second amendment in the 21stcentury just givespeople the right to decide toendpeople’slife with a pull of a trigger therefore,there should be new rules and policyto determineif they are eligible to own a gun or not.Last Name2We can dependon the trained individuals to keep us safe without taking matters into ourown hands.A day doesn’t go by without hearing about someone being murdered bya gun. Thesecond amendment is being used for all the wrong reasons. Guns are gettingintothe hands of thewrong peopleand being used for thewrong reasonsand not why the second amendment wasmeant to be used for.The average numberofsuicides, accidental shootings, assaults, murdersandpoliceinterventions is around 100,000 people per year inAmerica. The essayby MollyIvins,”Get a Knife, Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns”conveysa messagethat guns are beingused for the wrong reasons and in the hand of people who don’t know how to responsiblyown agun.As a civil libertarian,I of coursesupport the Second Amendment. And I believe it meansexactly what it says: “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a freestate, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not beinfringed.” Fourteen-year-old boys are not part of a well-regulated militia. Members of wacky religious cults are notpart of a well-regulated militia. Permitting unregulated citizens to have guns is destroyingthe security of this free state.(384)There was an incident with a gun being sold to a minor that caused the death of a five-year-oldboy. Although the minor had no intention to hurt anyone his intentions were to show off. Thiscaused him pulling the trigger and killing the five-year-old boy by astray bullet. Ivins brings upa great discussion about howpeople keep track of who sells carsandwhobuys it. She arguesthat the same thing should be done with guns to prevent this since it’s compared to automobiles.One of the mass shootings that hada very big impact oneveryone, wasat Sandy HooksElementary School in Newton, Connecticut.Adam Lanza, 20, killed his mother, Nancy Lanza,grabbed three guns from the house, and went to Sandy Hooks. It was a normal day for the kidsLast Name3and teachers and approximately around seven hundred students were present that day. He tookthe life of twenty students and his own life with one of the three guns. The kids were not tryingto take away his land or harm Adam in any sort of way but yet he took their precious lives byjust pulling a simple trigger.Lanza had access to three guns due to the second amendment, theright to bear arms.The founding fathers would not in any sort of way approve this under thesecond amendment.This incident goes on to prove that thegunsare getting in the hands of thewrong people.Furthermore,the article”Repeal the Second Amendment”goes on to talk more about thehorrific incident that caused the death of twenty elementary studentsand the other sixty-onemass shootings in the last thirty years. The article”Repeal the Second Amendment”, argues avery important point.”Two facts should be kept in mind. First, the easier it is to get a gun, theeasier it is to make use of one. Second, a violent act involving a gun is far more likely to result infatalities or multiple casualties than a violent act involving some other type of weapon.”. Theincident that happenedattheUniversityof Texas proves this point by if the suspect was armedwith a gun, the occasion would have been way worse and harmed people in a faster pace. Theother fact that this article points out is the easier it is to attain a gun the easier it is to put it to use.Without even thinking and pulling a trigger the life of a human being is taken away from themby one simple bullet.There has been anotherargumentif there should be anextra step for people to get to beable to receive a gun license. The only requirements right now are the ones to see if there are anycrimes committed by that person or if they are diagnosed, in the past, with any type of mentalillness. Mental illness cannot be determined by everyday behavior and usually diagnosed if theperson takes the initiative to visit the doctor and tell them about the side effects. In the articleLast Name4″Changing the Constitutional Landscape for Firearms: The US Supreme Court’s Recent SecondAmendment Decisions.”byJon S. Vernickthey start to talk about how there so many casesofmental illness and gun but yet to be solved.Despite the fact that there is no way of really findingout if someone has mental illness there are still many tests and ways to figure it out easily.In the21stcentury,they will notvetothe second amendment anytime soon because it’s what theAmericans have started off with. Althoughthey are adding new rights to it, the Supreme Court isnot taking any away.To conclude,in the 21stcentury the second amendment is only harming the UnitedStatesof America instead of helping it.The only precaution the government takes to give outalicenseis being 21, certain types of phycological diagnose, and misdemeanors.Until the governmenttakes more precaution on who gets a license to hold a gun and who doesn’t the secondamendment will be causing more mass shootings. The life of others should not be threatened byan individual with a possession of a gun.Word Count:1225Last Name5Works Cited”Repeal the Second Amendment.”AmericaFeb252013: 4-5.ProQuest.Web. 7 May 2017.”Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting: What Happened?”CNN. Cable News Network, n.d. Web.07 May 2017.Ivins, Molly. “Get a Knife, Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns.”The Norton Reader:An Anthologyof Nonfiction, edited by Melissa A.Goldthwaite et al., 14thed., W.W. Norton, 2017,pp.384-86Vernick, Jon S., et al. “Changing the Constitutional Landscape for Firearms: The US SupremeCourt’s Recent Second Amendment Decisions.”AmericanJournalofPublicHealth, vol.101, no. 11, Nov.2011, pp. 2021-2026. EBSCOhost, doi:10.2105/AJPH.2011.300200.