Students been crying due to low grades

Students With D7/E8 And Courses Offered.Universities That Gives Admission To Nigerian Students With D7/E8 And Courses Involved. The best universities that offers admission to Nigerian students.Universities that accepts students with low gradesFirstly have you been crying due to low grades you have got in your O’Level result? Also are you tired of seeking admission and been left out due to low grades?.Getting into the university requires a credit pass in O’Level to get admission but also,you are unable to get such grades doesn’t mean that you won’t get admission into a higher institution. In this post, I compiled the universities which admission to students with low grades like D7/E8. Read on. List Of Universities That Offers Admission To Students With Low O’Level Grades.1. ARCHAEOLOGYUNN2. CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS KNOWLEDGE/STUDIESTASU3. THEATRE ARTSREDEEMERS, FUOYE – Theatre and Media Arts4. ENGLISH LANGUAGEFUDUTSE, REDEEMER’S, UMYU5. ENGLISH AND LITERARY STUDIESFUOYE6. FRENCHUMYU7. HAUSAUMYU8. HISTORYIGBINEDION, UMYU, REDEEMER’S – History and Strategic Studies, JABU, UI9. ISLAMIC STUDIESUMYU10. LINGUISTICSUNIBEN – As Linguistics and African Language11. PHILOSOPHYAAU, AAUA, UNIABUJA, AKSU, AUGUSTINE, UNIBEN, BMSE, BOWEN, BSU, UNICAL, CLARETAIN, COOU, DELSU, DOMINICAN, EKSU, FULAFIA, FED-NDUFU, FUWUKARI, FOUNTAIN, UI, IMSU, JABU, KSU, UNILAG, LASU, MADONNA, NDU, OAU, OOU, UNIPORT, POPE, SAU, SPIRITAN-NSK, ST-JOSEPH, SWSO, TANSIAN, UHIELE, UNIZIK, UNIUYO, VERITAS12. GEOGRAPHYFULOKOJA, FULAFIA, FUKASHERE, FED-NDUFU13. POLITICAL SCIENCE (UNDER ARTS)AUE, FULOKOJA, FUKASHERE, FUWUKARI, FED-NDUFU, FUOTUOKE, PLASU14. SOCIOLOGYPLASU (Under Arts)Under Social Science;ABSU, UNICAL, UNILORIN, ABU, JABU, ABUAD15. ELEMENTARY EDUCATIONUNICAL16. SECRETARIAL EDUCATIONBAUCHI, IAUE, OOU – Secretarial Administration, TASUED – Secretarial Administration and Education17. EDUCATION AND INTEGRATED SCIENCEEBSU, YABATECH, UNN, OAU18. EDUCATION AND EFIK/IBIBIOUniversity of Uyo (UNIUYO)19. EDUCATION AND BIOLOGYAAUA, UNN20. EDUCATION AND ISLAMIC STUDIESUMYU21. EDUCATION AND FRENCHUMYU22. EDUCATION AND GEOGRAPHYUNIPORT, DELSU, UNICAL, UNILORIN, UDU,  and UNIUYO23. EDUCATION AND HISTORYUMYU24. PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATIONAAU – (options in:i. Health Educationii. Physical EducationDELSUAAUA – Health Education25. EDUCATIONDELSU26. EDUCATION AND ENGLISH LANGUAGEUMYU27. EDUCATION AND HAUSAUMYU28. EDUCATION AND RELIGIOUS STUDIESUNICAL29. EDUCATION ARTSUNICAL : with options in:Education English,French, Religion and History30. EDUCATION AND ARABICUMYU31. EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONAAU32. EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENTUNIILORIN33. LIBRARY AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENTUNIZIK, ABSU – as Library Science. KSU, UNIJOS – as Library and Information Science34. NURSERY AND PRIMARY EDUCATIONEKSU, UNIJOS – as Early Childhood Education35. GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLINGUI, BSUM36. ADULT EDUCATIONUI, UNICAL37. EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIESABSU, UNICAL38. EDUCATION AND GOVERNMENTABSU39. EDUCATION AND ECONOMICSUNILORIN40. GEOGRAPHY AND METEOROLOGYESUT41. CIVIL LAW; LAWUNIZIK, UNIUYO, MADONNA, BIU, IMSU, DELSU, AAU and UNIBEN42. GEOGRAPHYUNN43. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONUNICAL44. MARKETINGUNICAL45. ECONOMICSUNIMAID46. GEOGRAPHYUDUSOK, UI, UNN47. POLICY AND STRATEGIC STUDIESUNICAL – as Policy and Strategic Studies, ABUAD – as Social Justice48. HOSPITALITY AND TOURISMEKSU49. POLITICAL SCIENCE (UNDER SOCIAL SCIENCE)UI, DELSU, UNN, JABU, ABSU, EDWIN CLARK50. POLITICAL SCIENCE AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONUNIUYO51. PSYCHOLOGYBSUM, EBSU, UI, UNIUYO, AAUA, IMSU, UNIZIK, UNN52. SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGYIMSU53. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSWELLSPRING (WELLSPRING accepts a pass in Mathematics provided the candidate has a total of five credits including English language, Government/History, and Economics)54. MASS COMMUNICATIONHere are the Universities that accept pass in Maths for Mass Communication;CARITAS, CRUTECH, ESUTECH, NSUK, MADONNA, RSUST, WELLSPRING, WESTERN-DELTA, AAUA, ABU, ABSU, AJAYI, AKSU, AL-HIKMAH, UNIBEN, BINGHAM, COVENANT, UNIJOS, KWASU, IBBUL, UNIMAID, PLASU, UNN, NOUN, CRUTECH, UNIZIK, BSUM, IMSU, JABU, SOUTHWESTERN55. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATIONABU – as Local Government and Development Studies.56. OFFICE AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENTNDU57. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONUNN – as Public Administration as and Local Government, BSU – as Public Administration, UNIABUJA – as Public Administration 58. FISHERIES AND AQUACULTUREFUAM (A candidate with a pass in Mathematics but credit in Physics will be accepted. ) 59. ARABIC STUDIESUMYU, EKSU – Arabic and Islamic.Please Note: Students are highly advised to use JAMB Brochure to confirm what is written here because these universities are subject to changes in their admission requirements.SCL Team.