Students should get more homework. Persuasive writing. Essay

Research shows that hen homework is handed into the teacher, graded and discussed with students, it can improve student’s grades and understanding of the schoolwork. A good and well planned out homework programmer helps reinforce learning done in class and helps the student develop a good and well-built attitude to life-long learning as well as skills needed. The aim that the academic curriculum has about homework at early stages in a child’s education is to build up the foundation of a student’s basic skills and concepts because they are the most important ones as the child develops.Homework also teaches good habits and responsibility. Throughout the process of doing the homework, handing it in to the teacher and getting back the results, most children develop motivation as time goes on. If they do well, they will be given encouragement to continue with such high standards of work.

If they do bad, they will be given punishment that most likely develop fear in the student pushing them to do homework. This all amounts to the student doing the homework and being able to review what they have learnt and increasing the chance of getting a better grade in their final external exams.Imagine if children didn’t get homework in school, how would teachers and parents be able see whether students understood the lessons, which the children have been to throughout the day? Without homework, students will not be able to review on what they have learnt during the day. This would cause an extremely difficult problem because pupils would easily forget the topics and subjects they have covered if they din ;t review the main points, which completing homework provides.

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Not only this, students themselves may discover this point.This also proves to be an obstacle in a student’s years f education. They will realize that because they know they are going to forget the things they have learnt, they will see no point in going to school. They will then most likely lose motivation for being educated and learning. As mentioned before, homework also allows teachers and parents to know how well the student is doing in school. This gives teachers and parents the opportunity to understand the child’s development throughout their academic years as a student.

The homework given out helps teachers and parents pinpoint the places and topics that the student hasn’t fully understood so the teachers or parents can guide the child and help them through these problems again increasing better chances of furthering educational development. Many people may not realize, but homework doesn’t only help develop and encourage children academically but it also helps develop and build up on bonds between teachers and parents.It may not be obvious but throughout this essay, the words ‘parents’ and ‘teachers’ have been mentioned very often.

It is because parents and teachers are the key to a good education for a child. As homework is given Out, children, especially at a young age, require lot of help and they usually go to the ones at home or their teachers. Bonds between the child and the ones close to them start to build and they become closer. The child knows that they can rely and ask for help.This will help broaden the child’s perspective as further on in their academic years they start expressing their opinions and the teachers and parents expose the student to different views. Research homework given out usually helps boost self-confidence in a child.

This is because the individual work that has been expected from them helps them explore different types of methods to complete the task. After the task has been completed, they are congratulated and they gain motivation to continue to do more work because they like hearing words of praise from their parents or teachers.As students begin to go to high school, they learn responsibility and start to realize that their life is in their hands. Homework helps them develop that sense of responsibility because the student knows that he is responsible for his own piece of homework and if it is not completed it is his/her own fault. This represents life, but in a smaller version. The homework represents the academic years and the completion of homework represents whether the student succeeds in life. Homework in general, again, represents life in a smaller version.

Not only does it represent responsibility, but it also represents careers and jobs that students will have to face and experience further on in life. For each job or career, you will always have to put out effort to achieve something that is represented by homework in this case. Take a teacher’s career. The ‘homework’ the teacher has would be checking student’s homework. In order for the whole education system to work, teachers have to check students’ org or the system would collapse and many problems would arise, like if a student didn’t do his/her homework.So in conclusion, there are many different reasons for children to get homework.

Homework helps develop a lot in one’s life and it also help students succeed. Homework helps a student to prepare for the things ahead and for the things they may encounter. Responsibility, self-confidence, bonds between home and school, independence, necessary skills for life and success in life all depend on one simple thing that can be achieved easily by every single student–homework.