Studies, Work Experience and Personality Traits Essay

As for me, studies took place always in the focus of my life.

First of all, language studies determined to decide continuing my secondary studies in an English-German specialised class and to take part in the AFS exchange student program, in Belgium, to learn French during one year. Furthermore, languages studies were determinative to come the decision to follow my studies specialising in tourism and catering at Szolnok College where I had opportunity to acquire business and professional expression from English and French.As for my traineeships, at first I worked in the Thermal Hotel Spa on the Margaret island as a restaurant hostess for 3 months and I worked in the Mercure Budapest Buda Hotel as a receptionist during six months. When I was receptionist, among my tasks were the guest check in, check out, making invoices, to take the reservations to the system, up to date exchange rate, inform guests etc… Last but not least, this year in February, I took my Bachelor’s Degree graded Good and the professional qualification of BA in Tourism and Catering Specialisation in Hotel Management.During my studies, I obtained many language certifications and actually I try to keep my language knowledge up to date.

Finally, I found important to mention that nowadays, I am particularly interested in company economy studies. Therefore, it will be an enormous occasion to work as a project supporter assistant. Work experience (company, main tasks and responsibilities) Beside the traineeships, I had opportunity to work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary during the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union as a liaison officer.

On the one hand the liaison officers’ main responsibilities were the representative of the wills of the delegation and interpret them towards the concerned people, including the organising biletery meetings in cooperation with the concerned delegation’s liaison officer and in harmonisation with the daily program, and fix up the convoy. On the other hand, our task was also the representative of Hungary from the point of view of the protocol supported by the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, included welcoming the elegations at the airport, before their arrive getting touch with them and help them to make a reservation in the hotel, during their stay organising them a sightseeing tour, and accompany them to the meetings and gala dinners. As for my first full time job, I worked for the five-star Boscolo Hotel as a spa receptionist for three months. My tasks were welcoming the guests, show them the spa, explain them the massages and treatments, and make them the reservation for the massages.Furthermore, I had a background roll that means I had to order different cream and ingredients for the massage, make spa packages, make invoices, and always take care to the purity of the spa.

After three months, I decided to change and to find a totally different job with new challenges, and where I can use my languages knowledge in wider range and study more the function of the company. Personality traits, character (advantages, abilities, skills, talents) As for me, I have a positive attitude for everything, I am self-assured, patient, punctual, enthusiastic, reliable and precise as well.I have a special ability to make relations and handle people, easily get on well with them and find the common voice with them. That is why I can say that I have good communication skills. I am flexible so I adopt easily the new situation, learn fast the new things. I like very much the challenges and I am able to work individually but at the same time I am a good team player as well. One of my hobbies is learning languages and keeps them up to date.

My other passion is doing sport, so I can tell from myself, that I am persistent, conscious, cheerful and capable to handle the stressful situation.