Study abroad Essay

Feel the Difference
Being in a country through all of your life is safe but doesn’t sound fascinating?for me. These days, a large amount of people study abroad all over the world and work using the skills they have gained through the experiences in other countries. I am also one of them. I am a college student in America studying Public Relations. I would like to discuss the importance of studying abroad through my experiences.

First, through being in a different country, America, my view of thinking got broader. Many of my friends back home, Japan, are going to a university in Japan and have never been abroad to study. When I went back home for the first time, a year after coming here, they said I got matured and broadened my horizons. I had not thought of myself before they told me so, but actually looking back at myself a year ago I was very childish and immature. I think coming in touch with different cultures gave me many different ways of thinking. There are a variety of people from many other countries who have different points of view. I have met a lot of people from different countries and discussed all sorts of things. Sometimes, we argue and do not understand each other, but those discussions changed my way of thinking.

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Secondly, living in a dormitory taught me how to deal with people. Since I am a university student in America, I have got opportunities to live in a dorm. I have had three roommates so far and had many good and bad experiences. My first roommate was very nice to me. I did not have any concern with her and we respected each other. The second roommate had a boyfriend back home and he came down every two weekends. That just sucked. I tried to tell her not let him come and stay in our room, but she kept having him staying in the room. I had been annoyed so much by the two of them and quarreled many times with them. This experience definitely made me be able to tell people my concerns with them. The third roommate was terrible about everything. She was really loud all the time in the room, used my stuff without asking me, and was so dirty. All the things I was struggling with were so hard to solve because she acted the way she was she would not change. Then, two months after being patient, I just decided to move from the room. From having that roommate, I learned that sometimes I need to escape too difficult situations instead of facing them to protect myself. On the contrary, if I was a university student in Japan, I can live with my family, which means that I know well about who I live so that I have no concerns and no boyfriend problems. At first it sounds good, but thinking about what I have learned from them, I still think it is necessary to have an opportunity of living with someone I do not really know.

Now, I am sure that some readers come up with concerns with studying abroad. Some people might say “I can’t stay away from my mom”. Well, I am an only child, so I differently miss my parents and friends; however, fortunately there are many convenient tools to talk and see people all over the world like Skype, so it is not like I cannot see them forever till I go back my home. I talk with my mother through Skype often and that makes me not feel the distance. Also, maybe other people ask “how about money? I am sure it costs so much to study abroad isn’t it?” Yes it does, if you do not get any scholarship. When it comes to my school, I got a scholarship which pays the half of tuitions if I maintain 2.25 GPA every semester. It is not that hard and I am doing well so far. So, I am sure that you can find a scholarship program which suits your financial situation and smartness. These experiences above helped me a lot to grow up mentally. I do not think that I could be mature or strong as I am now without the experiences from studying in another country. Studying abroad might sound difficult to people who have never been to any other countries, however, I am sure that it is a great opportunity for anyone and never let you down. Just go and feel something new. That might be a new start of your life.