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No other state under the sun surpasses Canada’s education system. Canada takes pride in allowing more that 100,000 foreign students to come and receive education in the country. Additionally, Canada is globally known to be among the nations with high cultural diversity. That said, several learning institutions in Canada are packed with students from all parts of the world. They are in pursuit of the first-rate education offered in Canada. Canada does help all these learners to reach their dreams, and that is a positive.

Apart from enjoying an excellent education system, we also help the learners to get work permits. The work permits enable the professionals get absorbed into the job market and receive lucrative positions as soon as they complete their studies. Canadapt can assist you get a study permit so that you can see your dreams come true and squeeze out the best from education.

The requirements

Before applying for a study permit in Canada, there are certain requirements you should meet. Following are the requirements and they must be met.

·       Proof of acceptance in a Canadian institution such as university or college;

·       Proof of identity that includes a valid passport and/ or travel papers together with two recent passport sized photos;

·       Proof of financial capability. You must prove that you have a significant financial support during your stay in Canada in a number of ways;

·       Proof that you do not have a criminal record by producing certificate of good conduct issue by the police;

·       Proof that your health is in tip-top condition through check-up results from a certified medical practitioner;

·       You must not pose any threat to Canada’s security; and

·       The immigration officer must be certain that you will depart from Canada after completing your studies.

Canadapt Study Visa Consultants

Generally, the above list will guide you to ascertain that you are appropriate to get a study permit in Canada. You are required produce other papers or requirements should your case be rendered unique. Canadapt experts will evaluate your exceptional state and offer you with a package that is personalized.  

You want to achieve your education dreams by studying in Canada. Contact out professional Canadian consultants to aid you achieve your dreams.