Studying Abroad Essay

With a significant number of parents and their children desiring better academic excellence, and being allowed to study abroad freely, it has become common for students who wants to learn deeper knowledge in an advanced country to go overseas to study. Although students can learn more useful knowledge or skills, it is clear that this trend has also caused problems. This essay will look at two problems associated with international students studying abroad and suggest solutions to these problems.

One problem with studying abroad is that students’ families need a large amount of money. It is necessary for them to pay homestay costs and expensive school fees. One way to solve this problem is for students to work abroad during studying abroad. Government might allow them to work in part-time jobs in certain places. It can ease the financial problem. As well as the financial cost, a large number of students can be very lonely in a foreign country. For example, they could become homesick, and they could wander around the city at night.

To solve this problem, they need to be able to contact their family frequently using telephone or Internet and this can be done by providing them with access to a computer or a mobile phone. In conclusion, studying overseas is not only expensive, but it can also have a negative influence on emotions. Allowing international students to work at the same time they are studying, and supporting them by keeping in touch with them by enabling them to access modern technology are two solutions to these problems.