Studying skills such as professionalism, communication and

Studying commerce has been my childhood dream which emerged well upon completing junior high school from China. For this reason, I am highly committed to join Queen’s Commerce class. This is because the Queen’s Commerce class remains the largest academic program that focuses on providing students with strong business foundation and focus mainly on areas of interest such as marketing, finance and accounting. 
My desire to join Queen’s Commerce class is boosted by my unique experience which I have acquired throughout my personal and professional development. Previously, I have volunteered at Frog Hollow Neighborhood House at Annual Pumpkin Patch Event. During this period, I gained more skills which are important especially in the field of business. This is because I had an opportunity to participate in leadership development training and other essential skills such as professionalism, communication and team-building. These are important skills I am focused to learn more at Queen’s Commerce class. 
Volunteering in the library and working as an assistant teacher has also been an important experience which has increased my interest in commerce. As a librarian, I learnt and gained skills in organization and leadership and as a teacher, I was able to learn the importance of communication, control and organization. These are also important skills that form the basis of modern organization and which I look forward to strengthen at Queen’s Commerce class. For this reason, the commerce class will broaden my experience even further and introduce me into a career possibility by broadening my knowledge, skills and competencies. 
Taking an accounting course and gaining more knowledge in pre-calculus and AP calculus along with my commitment, dedication and hard work, I am in a suitable place to perform better in the commerce class. 
Important lesson learnt from mistake made
My greatest mistake which I retrieved some lessons from happened during my internship at Frog Hollow Neighborhood House. During this period I had been assigned to sell the Pumpkin patch. During the process, I lost concentration and a client child fell down. This was a greatest mistake which taught me the importance of leadership and teamwork. This is because if I could have been able to establish an effective leadership, I could have been able to organize the selling of tickets. At the same time, if had good team work skills, then I could have worked in collaboration with others and the child whom we were meant to observe and protect could not have mistakenly fallen down. 
From this mistakes, I have realized that for an organization to progress and for the customers to feel satisfied, employees must provide effective leadership. This is because with proper leadership, such employees are able to provide clear guidance and ensure a team fulfils its roles and objectives. However, without leadership, then chaos are likely to emerge which could be fatal for an organization. At the same time, I learnt that with proper leadership I am able to foster creativity. This is because if I had such skills then I could have organized the collection of tickets and at the same time, ensure proper observation of clients’ children. At the same time, with proper leadership, then it becomes possible to delegate duties. This was an important knowledge therefore that could have prevented the accident which could have been costly for the organization. 
To ensure customer satisfaction, I learnt that there should be an effective and working team. This means that employees should organize themselves and should pull their efforts towards a common agenda. At the same time, I learnt that with team work, it becomes possible to provide services and maintain quality which is essential to ensure customers satisfaction.