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The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky Questions 10/28/2012 1. 2. Potter feels internal conflict on the train. Potter feels like he committed a crime by marrying the woman without the town’s permission because he “thought of his duty to his friends… that he felt was he was heinous. ” He is bringing his wife, who represents change, to the old west. 3. The drummer is in the story for exposition. By asking questions like “What is this anyhow? You don’t mean there is going to be a gun-fight? and “What did you say his name was? ” the reader learns about Scratchy Wilson naturally, without the text explicitly stating it. 4. Mrs. Potter is very quiet, reserved, and self-conscious in new environments. You can see this in part one, where “she continually twisted her head to regard her puff sleeves, very stiff, straight, and high. They embarrassed her. ” Mrs. Potter represents change coming to the old west. Scratchy Wilson is the opposite, he is loud, outgoing and confident in himself.

Wilson represents the old west, where shootouts between criminals and sheriffs still occur. 5. The setting is significant because it helps convey the theme, which is the conflict between the east and west. Scratchy’s behavior is the last fragment of the old west, as the rest of the town has become civilized, as evidenced by the train and Scratchy’s “maroon-colored flannel shirt, which had been purchased for purposes of decoration, and made principally by some Jewish women on the east side of New York” 6.

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Crane creates suspense by having Potter and Wilson talk a lot. They talk for the majority of the part, and only at the end is the suspense relieved. A lot of back story about Wilson is learned through the suspense, so it is a major point of the story. 7. Scratchy Wilson is an effective sympathetic character because of part four. We learn that he is a man with a mind of a child, who views the town as his “toy to play with. ” He is a dynamic character because he finally matures at the end.

He puts away his gun, and now, “in the presence of this foreign condition he was a simple child of the earlier plans. 8. The theme is about the conflict between the east and west. Scratchy Wilson’s shirt represents the east’s industrialization affecting the west, as it was made “by some Jewish women on the east side of New York. ” The telegraph is another sign of the east moving west, as it is new technology being introduced in a frontier. 9. Heroes in western stories are rarely married they do not stay in one place long enough to settle.

The typical western hero is a drifter, stopping in towns to get a drink and capture some bandits, and maybe rescue a damsel in distress. That does not leave room for settling down and starting a family. Crane’s use of marriage is central to his theme because it represents the heroes growing up, and starting a family. Potter cannot come out and play with Wilson now because he has a wife to take care of. 10. Feminist critics may explore the affect the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Potter might have on Mrs. Potter and the town because she is a female of lower class than Mr. Potter.