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Success will never happen when a person stops trying to reach it. It’s essentially a byproduct of all the effort that is put in. When I succeed from a small task, I would feel elated. I would experience a brief amount of satisfaction no matter how small the task is. In my opinion a person who perseveres with a tremendous amount of passion, commitment, and hard work, it will evolve them to become successful in the long run. The combination of passion, commitment, and hard work are three notions that will encourage a person. Once they encounter success they must stay passionate, commit themselves, and keep working hard to remain on track.I personally define success as to delivering more than is expected of me. Successes come in different amounts and different ways. It is mistaken as a measuring stick to estimate how successful people are by how much money they make or the different kinds of inspirational people they associate with. It is rather the measure how happy the person is. Everyone is capable to make tasks and goals, but it relies on how motivated they are to get it done. It is a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eyes, and the bounce in every stride you take. That is what success seems to look like. It may look like success if a woman holds onto a Louis Vuitton bag and steps inside a Mercedes. It may even change your perspective about her if she donates a rather large check to a charity event. Success is an emotion felt inwards. I always enjoy small triumphs throughout a usual day at home. Common examples would be getting out of bed on time, walking the dogs to new places in the neighborhood, finishing chores I’ve been waiting to do, finishing school assignments with my best effort, and doing kind things for my loved ones. With the right mindset it is possible to feel and look successful even in the littlest ways. Of course it is possible to attain my version of success. If one remains positive and continues to meet their full potential, the chances are much greater to reaching success. One who is known to be a diligent person may lack some passion. So being passionate too can benefit from inquiring creativity and flexibility. If one is super committed too, they will rarely abandon the work when challenges show up. Also being the hard worker draws attention and brings new opportunities faster. It opens doors and it makes them noticeable to other people. Passion, commitment, and hard work pay off wonderfully to become successful. Like I said, success brings satisfaction and happiness so it is important to remember that during the hard times.I notice that I tend to come up with really big plans, but put little to no effort into working on them. Which is pretty common we all have to admit! I’d daydream about their desired results and yet miss out on big and small, and valuable moments they all can offer. The perks of being successful will be very motivating to become a happier and much more positive person. ┬áSo what I usually do to keep on succeeding is to make little goals at a time without being so overwhelmed. With your best effort, passion, commitment, and hard work it is possible for your plans to come true in order to become successful.