Success: Semi-trailer Truck and Person Essay

How do you evaluate success? Include at least three different examples. Success is being satisfied in a personal & a career life. Being successful does not always mean at top. It has a different meaning for everybody, one can be successful in her eyes, but the same can be unsuccessful in other people’s eyes or vice-versa. Success is not evaluated on how much money,houses, and materials one has. It depends on how you behave,treat others with in life, and how happy the person is.

Depending on the type of person, and how they behave towards life could equal in success. If behaved in a negative way they would have limited success in life because they see life in a bad way. But if behaved in a positive way, they would definitely have a successful life. They would see a good future ahead. The way a person treats others in life also pertains to success. If a person was mean and rude, they would not get anywhere in their personal or career life.

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No matter where a person is, there are going to be other people there too. Being a kind and polite person would result in success, especially for the social part of ones personal life. Of course there is not a perfect person who is always nice and in a good mood, but they move on and keep going with their day. Happiness is key in success. If a person is not happy. Then how is he or she successful ? If a person is happy being a semi truck driver, they are as successful as a person who owns their own successful business firm.

When a person is happy and when they have achieved the goals they set for themselves, that is being successful. Success is journey, not the destination. Being successful is what a person works for throughout their life . Success is the happiness of a person. The way they treat people and their behavior towards life.. To know that they achieved their goals and are satisfied with their life is success.