Plan: rebranding appears again. Finally, because of

Plan: De-industrialisation because cheaper labour abroad – leads to becoming derelict +brownfield sites Economic and industrial decline because of decline in primary and secondary employment. Needed due to loss of function e. g. docks or mining. Cycle of poverty leading to deprivation, unemployment, poor housing and social problems. Re-branding is the referred to as Rebranding is the process of giving a product or an organization a new image, in order to make it more attractive or successful.

Firstly, some areas may fell the need to rebrand as because more and more companies are globalizing and moving their labour abroad to take advantage of cheaper labour in places like East Asia and so on, more and more factories where these companies used to make their products are closing down for this reason and so leaving behind a so called “brownfield site”, which firstly looks ugly and eventually ruins the environment around as there is a possibility that chemicals and/or waste from the factories could make its way into the environment, contaminating nature around it.

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Which will lead local authories the need to rebrand and reimage the site. Second, Economic and Industrial decline will lead to more factories and industries going out of business and leaving factories or empty shops which will lead to high streets becoming derelict as more and more people go and shop at larger national stores, so most local shops close down and the high street is derelict which will lead to rebranding as the local authories will want to regenerate the high streets so people will return there instead of going to supermarkets.

Economic and Industrial decline has mostly been caused by the decline in primary and secondary employment as more people turn to the service industry in the tertiary employment sector as more industries are moving themselves abroad for cheaper labour. So there are now hardly any jobs left in the sector because of this. This once again leads to factories becoming derelict and the need for rebranding appears again.

Finally, because of industries moving abroad for cheaper labour, places like the docklands, pits for mining etc. now have no function because of this and so unemployment went up which caused the need for social/council housing and social problems like theft became an issue. Because people lost their jobs they couldn’t afford the rent on their house so the need for social housing arose and tower blocks were erected but they had many flaws including poor conditions.

Also because of mass unemployment, theft became a big issue, and eventually to fix this needed re-branding like new affordable housing and more jobs to become available and re-branding will bring this. Overall, the need for rebranding comes from the dereliction of industries and the unemployment that followed.