Suicide live there permanently (“Immigrant,” n.d.). People

Suicide of Young ImmigratedMexican MalesSuicide among young immigrated Mexican maleshas gone up significantly in the United States (2016).

When most of theseindividuals immigrate here, they are unauthorized. However, there are a fewindividuals that are authorized. Being a Mexican male immigrant in the UnitedStates can be very challenging. It can be challenging because these young menface many barriers which can lead to them taking their life’s. Today I willexplain what factors contribute to these young males taking their life’s andhow such issues can be handled.Immigration is very relevant in today’ssociety because it affects the economic system and politics (2016). For thisreason, Mexican men are looked down upon by Americans. Individuals in Americalook down upon them because they believe they’re increasing crimes, taking jobs,and mistreating welfare (2016).

With this mind, immigration is when people cometo foreign countries to live there permanently (“Immigrant,” n.d.).  People in America refuse tounderstand that these men come to support their families and better theirlives. With that in mind, in the United States, it can be quite challenging forthese young males because they face so many obstacles which can contribute tothem taking their lives.

One major barrier that can contribute to therise in suicide for young immigrated males is the Language. As a matter offact, the majority of Mexicans speaks Spanish, but in the United States, theprimary language is English. Not being able to speak or interpret the Englishlanguage can cause conflict with getting jobs and an education (Aguirre-Molina,Borrell, & Vega, 2010).  When youngMexican males cannot get a job or education, it becomes hard for them tosupport themselves and their families. In addition to that, if they havetrouble speaking the language, it can be difficult for them to receive medicalhelp (Aguirre-Molina, Borrell, & Vega, 2010).  Mexicans in general already have less accessto medical service than other races (Aguirre-Molina, Borrell, & Vega, 2010). So, if they have any mental or physicalissue not being able to speak the language can be a barrier in receiving andseeking assistance (Aguirre-Molina, Borrell, & Vega, 2010).Another barrier that can contribute to therise in suicide for young immigrated males is acculturation.

All thingsconsidered, acculturation allows individuals to adopt traits from other cultures(Abraído-Lanza, Echeverría, & Flórez, 2016). This can be challenging forindividuals because they can inherit positive traits as well as negative fromother cultures. For some Mexicans males, this can be overwhelming because theyface racial discrimination for trying to inherit one’s culture (Abraído-Lanza,Echeverría, & Flórez, 2016). During acculturation, some immigrated malestend to forget their social norms. Some of these norms consist of theirreligion, native language, and lifestyle (Abraído-Lanza, Echeverría, , 2016). Trying to fit in with the American culture can cause them tolose themselves and what they truly stand for.                  The last barrier that can contribute tothe rise in suicide for young immigrated males is enmeshment. Enmeshment inMexican families is very common, especially with young males because theirculture teaches them to put family first (2014).

In reality, this can causesome young male to be dysfunctional later on in life (2014). Feeling obligatedto put family first before own needs can cause them to isolate themselves(2014). Isolating themselves can make it hard for them to form newrelationships with others. With this in mind, enmeshment may also make Mexicanmales feel controlled by family members, which leads to broken households andthe lack of independence for these young males (2014).          Although these young immigrated males,face plenty of challenges public safety can assist them with their issues. Inorder to, help these young male’s public safety members must be open-minded.When public safety members are open-minded, it becomes easier to understandwhat they’re going through.

Another way public safety can help is by makingmore counseling interventions available to these young males (2004). This waythese young males will have more access to get help physically and mentally (2004).All things considered, society looks down upon immigrants, which makes it hardfor them to overcome life challenges. These young Mexican immigrants come toAmerica for better opportunities, and they’re no different from anyone else.

Just because they’re immigrants that doesn’t mean they deserve to be treateddifferently. That is why it’s important for society as a whole to stopdespising immigrants and help prevent future suicide within their race.