A serious problem solution Essay


. a serious problem that has no blanket solution. Thebasis of this essay is to write about the solution to a problem. In mycase, the problem is suicide…and in suicide there is no realsolution.. There are many ways to help one who is suicidal, anddifferent precautions, such as: hotlines, counseling, and programs.

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Medications that you can prescribe to them also can help. Other thanthat, its pretty much up to your love and support to keep them alive. Some hotlines, and web sites that help with people areCounselors Counseling, Teen Suicide Help, and there are manyothers that exist.

These people who work for these hotlines, and thecounselors out there are educated to help people who are sufferingfrom deep depression, and suicide. They dont even have to besuicidal…they might just have deep depression, and since that is oneof the main causes of suicide, they are there to help them cope withtheir depression so that in the future they dont have to see suicide. The certain web sites that are out there supply people with lots of factsand information about suicide itself.It tells them the causes andeffects, and also how to get the strength to realize you have aproblem, and to reach out for help. A couple of the medications that are prescribed to patients bydoctors and psychologists are prozac, and serzone. Prozac has hadover 9 years of experience worldwide, and over 7 years in the U. S… Itis prescribed for over 16 million patients worldwide, approved in over75 countries, one of the worlds most thoroughly studied medicines,and is indicated for the treatment of depression.

Serzone(scientifically known as nefazodone HCI) causes you to feel less blue,and more like yourself, feeling less anxious, getting a good nightssleep, feeling more calm, more in control, less jittery, being able toconcentrate, and having more interest in more activities. In manycases being on these certain medications has helped lots of people toovercome their sickness, and get on with their lives. The third, and final solution for suicide is basically the love andsupport from family and friends. Usually when people are thisdepressed, it is because they are feeling pain. They have lostsomeone, or feel lost themselves.Being ignored, unloved, beingforgotten or being left out…these are all possible reasons for a personto become suicidal. They just need to know that their life is worthliving, and that there are people out there who love and care aboutthem, and who want them to stay alive.

In conclusion, there are many ways of treating and helping withsuicide, but there is no solution. Every person is different, thereforeevery suicide case is going to be different, with different needs, anddifferent causes. If I could tell you a solution to solve suicide, and putan end to it I would be one of the most famous people in the world.Ican tell you the ways to help reduce the numbers of people whocommit suicide each year. That itself is solution enough. Watchevery move you make, and every word you say.

Be nice to others,and show them you love them. For instance, youre walking down thehalls when you see someone that looks stressed out and depressed. Then as you walk by them, they drop their books. You stop to helpthem pick them up and just talk to them, and say hi.

Who knows, youmight be doing more than picking up their books…you could be savingtheir life.