Sula Response Essay

The story of the two girls friendship is the part that I found relatable.

I too have a best friend and we may be very different that Sula and Nel but we all have that relationship of a best friend who is your support system through your adolescence. This is what Nel and Sula provided for each other. Both girls came from such varied backgrounds. Nel, coming from a small family that was quiet and organized. Her father was alive, but never around.

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Sula came from quite the opposite. Sula had a larger family in which men never stuck around.The women in her family even seem on the crazy side, especially when the Sula’s grandmother Eva, sets her youngest son of fire, which kills him. Sula and Nel have a strong relationship, which fits them very well.

They rely and trust each other and regard each other as a support during the early phases of their adolescents. The accident with Chicken Little at the river was an accident but it changed both the girls and their relationship. I had a hard time understanding why when the boy didn’t immediately come back up after going into the water, the girls didn’t go to find him and dig him out.

They just stood there starting at the place he went under. When they saw the old man in the house overlooking the scene the girls got scared but it was never understood why the girls didn’t look for him. This accident really changed the girls. From then on it seems the girl’s fall into the patterns that their families had set before them. Nel gets married and starts a family and seems to follow what her mother did when she was young. This is interesting because it is exactly the life Nel didn’t want to have.

She didn’t want to have the straight-laced life that her mother held, however, she ended up in the same life situation.Sula on the other hand takes after her men loving mother and swoons the men around the town after returning to the bottom. Maybe Sula is trying to prove something to herself and Nel and break away from the mold of what Nel did after high school. Even after the horrific actions of Sula sleeping with Nel’s husband, the girls seem to be able to reconnect before Sula dies. I think this is an important aspect of the story because the started off so close and through tragedy and infidelity they were driven apart, they managed, even half heartedly, to come back together in the last part of Sula’s life. This is an important story of friendship.