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MTN Group Operating Regions South and East Africa MTN South Africa, MTN Swaziland, MTN Zambia, MTN Uganda, MTN Rwanda and Mascom Botswana. West and Central Africa MTN Nigeria, MTN Cameroon, MTN Congo-Brazzaville, MTN Cote d’Ivoire, MTN Benin, MTN Ghana, MTN Guinea Bissau, MTN Guinea and MTN Liberia. Middle East and North Africa MTN Iran, MTN Afghanistan, MTN Cyprus, MTN Sudan, MTN Syria and MTN Yemen. MTN Group Vision MTN’s vision is to be the emerging markets’ leading telecommunications provider.

Our strategy is built on three pillars: consolidation and diversification; leveraging our footprint and intellectual capacity; and convergence and operational evolution. Stakeholders Shareholders Our commitment to providing acceptable returns on shareholders’ investments is matched by our commitment to communicating with our shareholders through regular interaction and presentations. Business partner MTN actively supports economic change in Africa through its procurement policies. In South Africa, suppliers constitute 60% of the group’s supply chain, exceeding our targets and contributing to the growth of these companies.

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Innovative partnerships are providing solutions that enhance performance and productivity, and ease acceptance of wireless technology as a business tool. As far as possible, we focus on building local supply partnerships in the countries in which we operate. Employees MTN’s focus on promoting the development and best use of human talent has resulted in the group consistently being voted among the top 20 companies to work for in South Africa, and the employer of choice in Swaziland and Uganda.

Some 6% of MTN’s payroll is spent on staff training, considerably above the industry average of 3,2%. The group is also consistently in the top quartile for international telecommunications companies on key human resource indicators, such as staff turnover and revenue per employee. Customers In line with global best practice, MTN is increasingly focused on providing improved customer service and developing customer-driven communications solutions. MTN is a recognised leader in innovation and is known for the quality of its cellular networks.

Customers benefit from service centres, call centres and help desks, providing expert, highly automated support for MTN’s high-speed data products and services. Government and regulators Telecommunications is a regulated industry and MTN engages actively with governments and regulators in all the countries in which it operates. MTN respects the fact that the frequency spectrum is a natural and national resource, and that the management thereof is subject to much public scrutiny. MTN strives to participate fully in dialogue with governments and regulators on policy and legislative issues and frameworks.

While we will lobby for fair treatment in the business interest, we respect the laws of countries in which we operate and the terms of our licence conditions. We endeavour to fulfill the terms of our licence obligations, and to go the extra mile in facilitating universal access to communications services. We will not in any way compromise the national interest of countries where we do business. We also participate actively in industry forums that promote improved health and safety issues relating to mobile telephony. Brand Values

The MTN Group is a multinational company operating in a wide range of countries and cultures. The Group has, at its core, five shared values that address our business principles, conduct and interaction with all our stakeholders: Leadership: Ingredients – Foresight, Commitment, Guidance •Building a future for our people and the customers we serve. •Leading the way in connectivity enablement. Integrity: Ingredients – Solid principles, Trusted, Togetherness •We are, because of you our customer. •We are, because of you our employee. •With your trust and belief we will always succeed.

Can-Do: Ingredients – Optimism, Future focus, Passionate, Happening •Creating brighter futures, for everyone whose life we touch. •Empowering people, communities and countries. •Creating possibility Innovation: Ingredients – Simplicity, Imagination, Insight, Creativity •Doing things differently. •Making unlikely connections. •The unexpected exceeds expectations. Relationships: Ingredients – Teamwork, Friendly, Personal, Warm & caring •Connecting with people on “their level”. •Having empathy for their unique situations. •Building relationships with our customers (internal & external MTN Group Strategy

The MTN Group believes that information and communication technologies (ICTs) are an indispensable catalyst for economic development; one that affords developing countries the opportunity to leapfrog many stages of modernisation from a technological perspective. The Group’s aim to achieve excellence in each operation and in corporate citizenship presents many challenges. Each of our businesses faces differing economic, social and regulatory requirements. Each faces competition and rapid technological advances that prescribe tailored responses.

Nonetheless, at a group level, our key strategies are clear: •We will focus on increasing communications network capacity where needed, and not merely increasing geographic coverage •We will concentrate on increasing customer loyalty, and stimulating usage through innovative services •We will continue to play an important role in bridging the digital divide, providing telecommunications services in emerging markets •We will continue to invest in emerging markets, developing new growth engines to fuel the next phase of our development and diversifying our revenue sources •We will continue to support African ontinental and emerging market development initiatives •We will continue to embrace the philosophies of corporate citizenship and sustainable development in all our operations MTN Growth Philosophy MTN’s had adopted a two-fold expansion strategy of leveraging existing business and growing into new markets. The strategy has proven to be sound and has enabled us to meet our objective of developing telecommunications in emerging markets and realising a good return on investments (ROI). The strategy is characterised by: Pursuit of new geographies

MTN Group is routinely evaluating new licence bids but also licence acquisition opportunities in emerging markets. Making small/uneconomic licences attractive through: MTN has adopted a regional approach aimed at consolidation and creating economies of scale. Leveraging common infrastructure to exploit new opportunities Fixed line services, Data and Internet, Satellite, Applications Transmission capacity, VPN. Focus on R&D and innovation to create new services MTN has created an incubator environment within in its quest for innovative offerings.

MTN’s success, in this regard, is manifest in developed new applications e. g. mobile payments, utilizing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), etc. MTN Platform For Continued Growth Sound investment criteria when rolling out into new markets, has been a key discipline that has helped us maintain a good balance between operational objectives and shareholder return. Making a significant and real contribution to the economies of the territories in which we operate is a priority for MTN and is an important component of our vision to be a leading provider of telecommunications in emerging markets.

In line with this, up to December 2005, our investment in cellular infrastructure in our operating territories had already exceeded R30 billion • a significant contribution also to the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) goals for ICT development for the continent. Creating Business Value To succeed, MTN must bring sustainable development to the core of the company’s practice. As with any business practice that requires measurable indicators, such as return on investment, rigour is demanded in determining the business case for sustainable development.

Increasingly, investors and creditors are realising that issues relating to sustainable development can reduce the potential for social risk and reduce future liabilities. As a result, a number of investors and creditors are attaching conditions in this regard. MTN acknowledges that this presents a strategic business imperative and will provide the necessary information to communicate to investors that we conduct our business along sustainable development principles. Sponsorship Football is a common global language.

MTN is about delivering communication services, and our sponsorship of football on the continent is a natural extension of this commitment. In addition to sponsoring Africa’s biggest football website, MTNfootball. com, MTN was the title sponsor of the Confederation of African Football’s (CAF) 2006 and 2008 African Cup of Nations finals. MTN also established strong links with the greatest achievers in African football through the annual MTN CAF Awards. The MTN commitment to football on the African continent is evident in various other soccer sponsorships in countries where MTN operates.

These include the African Soccer Show, which is televised in five African countries, the sponsorship of the football associations in Cameroon and Swaziland and three club sponsorships in South Africa. And finally, MTN has taken its soccer sponsorship international by becoming Africa’s first ever global sponsor of a FIFA World Cup™ event. The 2010 FIFA World Cup™ held in South Africa is the first FIFA™ event of its kind to be hosted on African soil and MTN’s US$65 million-sponsorship affords it the exclusive mobile content rights for Africa and the Middle East as well as global marketing rights. Social Sustainability

Balancing commercial objectives with social responsibility and developmental obligations is often difficult, particularly in emerging markets where infrastructure investments required for basic mobile network accessibility are large, and where the communities in need of access and developmental support are remotely situated and thinly spread. While our first mandate is to ensure economic sustainability through infrastructure investment and to secure meaningful returns to shareholders, we understand and accept our developmental role as a responsible corporate citizen in the countries within which we operate.

We achieve long-term sustainability in our operating countries through the following operational activities: •Our payments to regional governments and regulatory bodies support infrastructure development and social services. •We stimulate regional economies directly and indirectly by supporting local SMEs, generating opportunities for new entrepreneurs and utilising local suppliers. •We employ local citizens wherever possible and ensure knowledge is transferred from expatriates in local operations to local employees. We have initiated a process of establishing MTN Foundations in our countries of operation. Through the MTN Foundation, each operation will manage its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. Funding for the MTN Foundation will come from up to one percent of annual profit after tax (PAT). We channel our corporate social responsibility spend toward developmental priorities in the countries in which we operate, such as education, health and HIV/AIDS awareness programmes, rural development and entrepreneurial training. Sustainability forms the foundation of the MTN Group’s investment philosophy.

Actively embedding sustainability principles in the way we do business ultimately impacts on our people, our reputation and our profits. We want to be here, as successful as ever, in the future. We therefore acknowledge that while we must make a profit, it is our responsibility to be a relevant contributor to the development and sustainability of the communities we touch and interact with. MTN started operations in Uganda in 1998 and since then we have been a proud supporter of various activities that are passion points for Ugandans.

Today we’ve chosen to focus on sports, music, and community initiatives. Segmented strategies and key activations in these areas ensure that the MTN brand is brought to life in the spirit of many a Ugandan, in the shouts of millions of fans cheering their teams on, in the short breaths of the runner as he finishers the last kilometer of the marathon, in the smile of a child in his new sports uniform, and on the stage as the light shines on a star before a performance. In all these moments, MTN is there to share the experience with you!

We believe community development is important to our future and children’s future. The world is a fast changing world with new cultures and beliefs emerging every day. Preservation of our true African culture, while embracing the good changes in technology is important to Ugandan Communities, and important to MTN. We therefore sponsor various community initiatives that support this. MTN sponsors Christian crusades through out the country, and has seen evangelists such as Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar as well as local events such as the RIOT Conference for Youth. Print This Page Email This Page