Summary – End of Nature Essay

Although a lot of effects have manifested in today’s time, there’s only a little fort exerted to lessen these harms. First, critics pointed out that the nature is an ever-evolving entity. As it is ever-evolving, whatever we do to it – may it be good or bad -? actually doesn’t have any bearing because it is destined to change the nature that we once knew. Another thing that critics pointed out was that humans are part and parcel of nature itself.

Critics say we are one with nature.If this is the case, it is possible for ourselves to be blamed for whatever experiences nature we have and we can be held liable because we are nature. This book also discussed what is probably preventing us humans from stopping the destruction trend.

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This book discussed that as we have the mental capability to take control of the earth, we should be reasonable and sane enough to change whatever needs to be changed like our habits, outlooks and the things and technology that we used.The writer also teaches us the importance of international cooperation and careful evaluation on the idea of the progress of technology. In this book also, the author discussed how we underestimated our capabilities as humans that we didn’t foresee hat aside from destroying what is around us, we are also causing our own destruction.

He also discussed the responsibility that God has given us. It is stated in the bible that we should be careful stewards of the planet.As we are given dominion of whatever is found on earth, God also gave us the responsibility and the duty to cultivate and keep it, to preserve and not destroy it. But it seems that we are not doing what is asked of us. McKinney also tried to describe is that there is a loss of the concept of wilderness, or unspoiled nature. In this book, he also discussed about a world indoor and world outdoor.

McKinney stated that we humans think that somewhere in this planet, there’s still a place that we haven’t “touched” or disturbed.But in truth, there is no place that is still virgin with human touch. Urbanize or not, inhabited or not, there has already been traces of humans in that place somewhere along history.

Everything that nature had to offer was altered by human use; if not, humans try to create a counterpart for it.