Summary as partitions, walls, or ceilings. Drywall boards

Summary –

Drywall boards are sheets of gypsum used for creating false ceilings and walls in the interior of homes. This article discusses what to consider when choosing a gypsum drywall board.

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Drywall is a special type of sheet made by sandwiching gypsum between thick paper. Such, Gypsum Drywall boards are used to create or cover large flat surfaces in the interior of a home, such as partitions, walls, or ceilings. Drywall boards are manufactured with large sheets that makes their installation easy and hassle-free, offering a smoother result than regular plaster application.

Choosing the right size –

Gypsum Drywall Boards are available in a variety of sizes. While the most common size is 4 x 8 feet, larger lengths of drywall sheets can also be availed as per need. The recommended selection criterion is choosing a sheet size that minimizes the number of joints in the final product.

Choosing the right thickness –

Gypsum Drywall board comes in a variety of thicknesses, from which 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch are the commonly used widths. The selection of thickness usually relies on how far apart are the studs or joists.

Selecting the right edge –

Drywall boards are available in Square-edged or taper-edged sheets. The choice between the two depends on how the technique that will be used to cover the drywall. Thus, Square-edged sheets are best when coating the surface with plaster, also known as plastering. On the other hand, taper-edged sheets are best for drywalling, where layers of joint compound are used to fill in the gaps then sanded to provide a smooth finish.

Selecting the Right features –

Gypsum drywall boards are made, by constricting gypsum plaster into rigid sheets, covered by thick paper on either side. Such sheets are available in various treated varieties, often colour-coded for easy identification. Features of drywall sheets may vary based on the treatment, here are a few common variants based on their features,

Moisture-resistant drywall boards –

The core of the drywall is filled with waterproofing materials, making the sheet resistant to moisture. This makes these sheets favourable for areas of high water usage such as bathrooms and kitchens.


These drywall sheets have a greater fireproofing quality than standard drywall boards. This makes these sheets favourable for application in kitchens, corridors, fire escape stairwells and boiler rooms.


This gypsum drywall board is common for soundproofing rooms, theatres and offices, owing to the greater soundproofing qualities than regular gypsum drywall.

There are many other variants of drywall in India, including mould-resistant drywall, cement boards, abuse-resistant and many more. Drywalls have fast become quintessential in the construction of homes and offices owing to their numerous benefits and easy application. Moreover, a well-selected drywall board, such as Gyproc drywall and professional application can add to the longevity of the product by limiting peeling and cracking over time, moreover offering better-finished results.