Summer FInal Paper Essay

Other goals I wished to accomplish included meeting and making new connections with individuals, who could help further my career, as well as gaining and accumulating a wealth of knowledge about The Pep Boys. In this paper I will walk through several meetings/interviews processes I conducted with upper management. I will also discuss the overview of The Pep Boys including the organizational structure, and my personal job description and responsibilities.

Will also write about a project that was completed for the CEO Mr.. Mike O’Dell.

Ill sum this paper up by doing a personal reflection of the quality of experience I received as well as my learning objectives set at the beginning of my experience. As stated in bi-weekly reports I conducted various meetings and interviews with manager, and upper level associates. These meetings included the Director of general account, and the Tax Manager, as well as meetings with the Financial Analyst Manager and Cost Mangers. Two meetings stood out for a few reasons, the first meeting with Joe Kirk, and the later with Nancy Tolland.In an interview with Joe Kirk, I prepared to ask questions and take notes assuming an interview with a Director was going to be extremely professional, but it was the opposite. Mr..

Kirk asked that I put down my note pad and we just talked formally about the roles and responsibilities he manages. Joe had walked me through his weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually job descriptions. This included everything from journal entries to statement of cash flows when a specific store shows loss within a variance for a period of time.When joke what skills and/or requirements does an individual need to be part of his team, he responded with not grades, not brains, but hard work I realize Joe was willing to take someone on who may not know everything but with hard work they would learn everything. This was important because I mentioned to him was more about working hard and learning hands on, and this opened up an opportunity for me to sit with Joey’s team to learn how The Pep Boys books their entries. The second interview I conducted was with tax manager Nancy Tolland.Nancy has been with the company for 25 years and is someone who poured her heart and soul into The Pep Boys.

Nancy gave me a walk through of her duties including everything from deferred tax assets and deferred tax liabilities to a system of due diligence. Nancy started filing tax returns and has worked her way up to become a manager dealing with tax laws in several different states as well as Puerco Rice- Since I had such an interest in tax accounting Nancy recommended I talk to the HER department and try to work out deal and work under her team in the tax department.Following up on that I was unable to change titles and had to stay in gross margins for the remainder of my internship.

Kook Nancy approach toward work and how much she loved working for this company to heart. She was able to speak so positively about Pep Boys. After meeting with these two individuals I thanked them for taking time out of their busy days to meet with me, and they had both responded with open-ended emails saying if there was anything wanted to experience or explore let them know and they would take me under their wing to teach me as much as they can.Next would like to discuss the organization Pep Boys and how they are structured, this section of the paper will also include my roles and susceptibilities and complete review and recap of the things I’ve completed this summer. The Pep Boys mission statement is as follows “Our Board of Directors represents our shareholders’ interest of optimizing long-term financial return.

To ensure that we remain a leader in the automotive aftermarket, the Board monitors the effectiveness of our management policies and decisions and the execution of corporate strategies”.The pep Boys IS moving to maintain the leader in auto service and parts, by becoming much more customer friendly and approachable. Pep Boys is structured to be people taking care of people and their cars. Would like to focus the body of this paper on the daily duties have taken on in my position. To name a few things I have owned while was here can include reconciliation of the Vendor Support Funds (VS.), the operational side of Masterpiece ERP, and the big intern project.At the start of the internship I was introduced to the VS.

database a system designed to keep track of all allowances given to pep Boys from its vendors as a gratitude for doing business with them. The Vendor Support Fund accounts for $133 million in revenue each year. Took on the role of going through each contract and making sure the allowances matched what Pep Boys accounts for. This task was simple at hand but very important to how the general accounting team makes their debits and credits.If a vendor made an addendum to a contract it must be updated on a daily to weekly basis so our accountants schedule for the correct amounts to process through the A/R team.

As I navigated through all 2007 contracts and matched contract to database I found a few errors that actually cause Pep Boys to count for a lesser amount then they’d bill for. Was able to find Pep Boys around $250,000 due to the confusing Pencil contract that was extremely wordy. The VS. supervisor Headline Dates was very happy and encouraged me to continue finding VS. dollars. The second role took on was operating the new system of Masterpiece Erp.This system was created by Inform and allowed real time access to each area of the finical reporting including Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Job Cost, and the General Ledger.

I started by independently learning how to use the purchase ordering system. Alike myself through entering many of capitalized items into the system and distributing them to specific stores. Once familiarized with the system I designed cross-functional training materials for the new ERP system modules and led training sessions with end-user, the property management team, so they could learn the process to order supplies and etc.This experience led me to meet new people as well as show that I can lead and teach these individuals to use a new system. I was able to present my training materials to individuals at the executive level. Was told that the design of my material as easy to follow with corrections and step by step instructions. This was a relief to hear, and also put a good chip on my shoulder that as an intern I Was going to leave behind something that could be presented to all new associates learning the system.Another task was asked to work on was my personal resume, that my managers would look at and share their thoughts on how to emphasis the experience and duties I was doing.

This experience spent with Angela really helped me to develop a strong resume that believe will follow me for a long time, and not to mention help me land position as an entry’ level associate. At the end of the paper will attach my final resume that I was able to put together. Lastly I would like to talk about the experience that really made this internship worth every minute.After two weeks of the internship the HER department Tim Mufti and Rebecca Nor asked the seven interns to come up with a marketing scheme that was backed up with projections on how to market to college students. Asking college students how to market to college student would seem appropriate and we had free range to do basically whatever we wanted for the project. After weeks of meetings with different divisions of Pep Boys including market, finance, and operations we came up with a full blown marketing scheme accompanied with projections on sales and margin containing figures we expected to see if our ideas went live.The plan included the creation of a discount for college students, the promotion of a pep Boys mobile app for your smart phone, and a merger with Zip Car to use their cars as transportation.

We didn’t stop there we also decided how we would execute this by using social media since majority of college students are on social media. We also included a program to make Pep Boys the employer of choice when college students graduate. The project went so well and turned out to be such a success that we were asked to present it to the CEO Mike O’Dell, as well as the Chief HER Officer Jim Flanagan, and Kathy Frasier the Vice President of HER.Presenting to the CEO and other executive officers I was extremely nervous, but as I started presenting felt calm and collected. As the presentation came to an end Mr..

O’Dell asked that Deem Loci the marketing intern, and myself present this same project one final time to the COM(Ron Stoups) to get the ball rolling on our ideas. Presenting to Ron Stoups the Chief Marketing Officer made me feel as if what I spent a lot of time and hard work on was really going to have a lasting affect. Ron gave Deem and I a thumbs up and said he will continue to press his team to make a lot of these ideas happen.