Summer Sch Course Descriptions Essay

Emphasis will be on the components of m idle schools, cooperative learning, study skills, and social skills. In addition, this course will review gene oral math concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and place values. Math Workshop (Grades 6, 7): This course is intended for students who need specific help in understanding basic mathematical concepts in the areas of whole numbers, fractions, decide alls, percents, plane geometry, and measurement. Concepts should be systematically developed using concrete materials, pictorial representations and symbols.

Sports and Fitness Fun! (Grade 6): This course is designed to accommodate students who are at the beginner level of skill development. It provides opportunities to understand, appreciate, an d develop efficient odd movements and desirable personalize concepts through participation n in physical education activities. This course will allow students to participate in team sports, individual sports, and aerobic activities. Locker room facilities may not be available for students. *As fitness is part of the course curriculum, daily participation is required in our cardiovascular activities.This may include any thing, but not limited to, the the mile run, 40 yard dash, relays, laps in the gym, etc. (6 Sports Fitness) Reading and Writing Workshop! (Grade 7): Analyze and interpret a variety of texts while working with others in literature circles.

Dig deeper by learning and using critical reading SST rarities. Work with others to make meaning and dramatist critical parts of the book! You will also improve your writing skills as you use the writing process, improve convention skills, and add to your vocabulary thru cough a variety of writing projects!Sports and Fitness Challenge! (Grades 7, 8): This course is designed to accommodate students who are at the advanced level of skill. It provides opportunities to understand, appreciate, and contain u to practice efficient the mile run, 40 yard dash, relays, laps in the gym, etc. Sports Fitness or 8 Botany for Beginners (Grades 78): Take a breath and thank a plant Plants are an integral part of our survival but are Often overlooked for cuter, furrier organisms. This course intra educes students to the mysterious world of plants.The course is broken up into four units, plant anatomy, plant physiology, plant evolution and plant ecology. The course objective is to provide students with a foundation f or understanding what makes plants so special and the role they play on Earth.

Students will have an poor tuning to practice lab and analysis skills as well as reading, writing and speaking skills. Genius Hour (Grades 68): (Limit 20 students)What do YOU want to learn? What are you passionate ABA Genius Hour is a class designed to take you from inspiration to presentation ( with some perspiration in between).You will chose a topic you want to learn about and be guided throw GHz the research, writing, creating, and presentation process.

At the end of the class, each student will present a product/project to the class. COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: (Page 2) Creative Writing (Grade 8): Yes, tuition’s yes its summer You may be thinking ‘Oh what a bummer, Oh what a drool to be in school. ‘ But hey, we’re having fun in Creative Writing Barbuda! That right there is limerick. Just one of the many types and forms of writing w are going to work with in Creative Writing.Poetry, flash fiction, personal essay we will try them all on, s engine which one fits you and which one goes back on the shelf. It will basically be like a trip to Genii Sushi, but with words and paper instead of wassail and aha. Don’t think yourself a writer? Don’t ‘have anything t o say? Paean TTS! The best part of expressing yourself through writing is that there truly is no wrong answer, is imply by trying you’ve already written your own correct answer (can’t say that in geometry can you? ). Grade 8 Math: The purpose of this course is to prepare the student for the study of prepare RA.

This course is designed to provide students with opportunities to strengthen and extent the IR background in mathematics to include the real number system and simple concepts of paraplegia and cord innate geometry. The course will extend the applications of mathematics and further elaborate on methods of problem solving. The students will take notes using the Cornell system of annotating and create a binder of the t epics covered to use as a reference guide for the next year of math. Homework is assigned everyday and quizzes are given upon the completion of units of study.