Sunsets: Love and I. Sunrises Essay

Why sunsets? ” she asked. “Silly, you should’ve said why not sunsets, I mean, they’re beautiful and like all things of beauty, no matter how angle you look at it, it’s captivating? ” said I. “Sunrises are beautiful, too, and…” “I didn’t say they aren’t”, I cut her in midsentence. “You’re silly, in the mood for mind-games again eh? You’re like one of those people who say ‘I’m fine’ when asked ‘What’s Up? ’, like those who take a picture of a flower and caption it as ‘flower’ as if it’s not obvious, one of those who still believe that hate is the opposite of love.

No wonder why you love Kpop so much. ”, said I with a diablolic grin. “But really, why, I’m interested” said she. “Okay, first of all, I can’t love sunrises. It takes an Atlantic-Ocean amount of effort for me to wake up early in the morning. The gravity of the bed is so strong, I am dysanic. I can’t love it, I’m not wont to it, even if I want to. Second, the innate non-conformist in me can’t explain why sunsets are exceptions of that loathing for everything celebrated.

I mean, with all these noise about sunset, I could’ve hate it easily because majority of people love it. But maybe that’s that, you tend to love something that’s an exception of your many self-impositions. But moreso, I like it because it’s a phenomenal paradox, like most overlooked fleeting moments, it’s impartial yet satisfying, ephemeral yet poignant, dark yet illuminating, fragmented yet irresistible and to top it off, it’s routinary yet unpredictable. I mean, where do I get the heart no to love it? ”