Super Power Essay

With great super hero power becomes great responsibility, to the world in which we all live in as well as to the people whom live in it. Having the ability to become invisible would be a sight to see, or a sight not to be seen. My choice of a great and the ultimate superhero power would be to fly.

For instance, no one else on Earth has this ability so it is an intriguing and unique opportunity in itself. This ability would place you in a rare class of superheroes, due to the fact that you so do much more than the average superhero can. To be able to soar through the clouds at a moment’s notice and be as free as an eagle what a feeling that would be. There are a numerous amounts of things that can be accomplished with this power. For example, you could fly victims from accidents to the nearest capable hospital, rescue people from burning buildings, and if need be become a military asset as well.

Though all of these accomplishments can become cool and rewarding, it can also become a great burden as well. In the aspect that you are only one person and you want to be able to help everyone, but you can’t in reality. Although you solely have that power it want necessarily belong to just you. There is an obligation and dedication as a superhero to serve and protect. A superhero just doesn’t have enough of themselves to go around. On the other hand you could just take off and fly away to whatever destination you desired. Just think, being up in the clouds daydreaming, at peace with yourself. The ability to fly would give me great freedom and the feeling of adventure and being alive. I would love to say I would just enjoy the aspect of being a superhero but I would be a little bit selfish as well. I would fly t all of the best vacation destinations in the world. I know me and the thrill would always win so I would always be on the go never a dull moment, no time to waste.

Though there are so many aspects of having the ability to fly would bring I would just take the good with the bad and live my life to the fullest with no regrets.