Superman Rhetoric Essay

Bros.Superman Superman is a pop culture symbol of strength and hope. Blair, Jeppeson, and Pucci cite Jencks as making a statement in regard to architecture that is equally appropriate to Superman: “Not only does [it] express the values… of a society, but also its ideologies, hopes, fears, religion, social structure, and metaphysics” (Burgchardt 608). It is the intent of this essay to show that the Superman we have grown up watching is also a postmodern object of rhetorical discourse which embodies the values of the American way.

Superman was used to support World War II through promoting war bonds and being shown fighting the German Nazis and the Japanese. This is an appeal for America to become involved in World War II which was a contingent issue at the time. This raised support for the war throughout the country and showed that Superman influenced a society. Superman was a symbol for what is right in a society during a time of uncertainty. Superman is a symbol of strength and hope here to fight for truth justice and the American way (Look Up in the Sky).

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This is the artistic proof of ethos which Superman embodies by having good character and ethics. Many Americans looked up to Superman and wanted to be like him. Superman is also portrayed as a modern day Messiah because his father sends his son to earth to save the human race and show them the light (Look Up in the Sky). This is an appeal to the religion of America which is mainly Christianity. Superman is always selfless in his actions asking for nothing in return and always stands for good bringing out the best in all of the people around him.

In conclusion Superman is the most prominent hero and icon of our generation who influences us from World War II to present day and showed us the light during a dark part of history. Superman is one of the greatest rhetorical objects of America that expresses our values, religion, and social structure. He is a symbol of hope and strength here to fight for truth justice and our American way (Look Up in the Sky).

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