Supersize Me Essay

The golden arches, the taco bell dog, the Wendy’s girl, and many other symbols have become well known in our society. Everywhere you turn there is a fast food restaurant waiting to take your order. With Americas growing obesity rate you would think peoples willingness to eat fast food would die down, but it has not. I chose the documentary, Supersize Me because it shows what fast food does to our bodies and I think that Americans need to see those horrible effects.

The film, Supersize Me, follows Morgan Spurlock who sets out to eat McDonalds three times a day for thirty days straight and if given the option to supersize his meal, he has to say yes. The documentary Supersize Me shows the negative results of eating fast food on a person’s body not only physically but also psychologically. Morgan Spurlock’s experiment tests the words of McDonald’s spokespersons who claim there food is perfectly healthy and nutritious. Spurlock’s purpose is to prove them right or wrong-if it is healthy he should have no negative side effects from eating it thirty days straight.

Most Americans indulge in fast food, so is this contributing to the growing obesity rate? Supersize Me gives us a look into the unhealthy relationship America has with fast food. It may not stop us from pulling into the drive through but it will most likely make us think twice about the food we are about to put in our bodies. Morgan Spurlock’s experiment shows what our society has come to.

Most people do not have home cooked meals anymore a large majority eat out and indulge in unhealthy food. He believes America has come to people who over eat and do not exercise.Spurlock leaves a strong impact on the audience by using himself as the guinea pig in his experiment.

By using himself he becomes one with the American people not just a filmmaker trying to make some money. McDonalds being the primary focus of the many fast food chains Spurlock really digs deep into the harmful effects of their food. He believes they are not truthful in the quality of their food and as an American corporation does little good for the American people. Filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock reaches out to the audience by being very knowledgeable on the subject. He presents facts and appears to know what he is talking about.He uses logical appeals when talking about the growing obesity rate in America and the ever growing popularity of fast food.

He also researches the nutritional value of their food. Such as, their ingredients, how the food is prepared, and the calorie count. His presentation of facts convinces the viewers to jump on his ban wagon. He completely proves the spokespersons of the fast food chain wrong by investigating how healthy the food really is.

Which his findings verify the food is unhealthy. He also, appeals to his viewers emotionally by talking about children. Everyone is concerned for the kids and wants to help the children of America.He talks about the case of two girls who are suing McDonalds for falsely advertising the nutritional value of their food and contributing to their obesity. McDonalds reaches out to kids. They have the happy meal for kids and do not forget the toy. Kids beg their mothers to go to McDonalds just to receive that toy. If kids develop these horrible eating habits now, how do we expect them to eat healthy in the long run? Spurlock’s use of logical and emotional appeals enhances his argument through factual evidence about the food and reaching out to viewers to protect our children from fast food while we can.

Morgan Spurlock uses several sources to guide him in his experiment. With the help of a cardiologist, nutritionist, general practitioner, and gastroenterologist he is able to monitor the consequences of his new diet on his body. Before starting the experiment Spurlock received a clean bill of health, but that would change.

While going to his routine appointments throughout the experiment Spurlock learned that his cholesterol had gone up and his liver had been damaged. He also experienced mood swings.The participation of doctors in the film allows the viewers to receive information from a reliable professional. While we all know many Americans indulge in fast food, do most consume it three times a day? This is one flaw in Spurlock’s experiment. He did suffer negative effects from eating fast food, but the amount devoured in one day is inaccurate.

However, even with this flaw I think his experience and the health problems that occurred it is enough to say that fast food greatly contributes to the obesity problem in the United States.Morgan Spurlock presents a well written documentary. He takes a strong position on the issue and goes full force at it. He presents facts that allow the viewers to see eye to eye with him on this issue. His documentary clearly conveys his point while keeping the audience interested and adding his own wit to it.

The perspective the film projects are that fast food is one of the main causes of obesity in America. I think America has a problem with eating unhealthy food and this is contributing to obesity. Morgan Spurlock does a good job of showing America what fast food does to your body.