Celebrated by Malleable Community Essay

Choose the topic that interest you the most.

Divide it into three or four subtopics. Topic: Mona festival that is celebrated by Malleable Community Us optics: a) How this Mona festival came about? B) Why is it being celebrated in this community? C) How is it being celebrated today? 4. Prepare an attention-getting opener. Before start my speech, listen to this a short song ( music ends).

If you are die hard fan of Sharks Khan, you would surely know this song. But let me tell you that this words in the song is originated from Amalgam language not a India language.Take a kick at the map shown well, this is a State of a Kraal in India. The people here are known as Malaises and their language written and spoken is Malaysia. It is here that ‘Mona festival’ or harvest festival originated form.

By now you should have known what am going to talk about today. 5. Prepare a preview. I will discuss on why and how this ‘Mona festival’ is celebrated by the Malleable community 6. Prepare a summary. This festival is celebrated in remembrance of our benevolent king known asEmperor Amenable. For his good deeds towards his people made them turn to him rather than god himself for all their problems.

So god came down to earth to test the virtue of this emperor Amenable. The story goes that god came as a poor beggar to ask for his wish which is just three footsteps of land and being the noble soul he was, Emperor Amenable granted the beggar’s wish. God stretched his first footstep and it covered the earth. His second footstep covered the sky and there was no space to put his third footstep.Amenable being the righteous king, he asked the beggar to place his third footstep on his head as he never go against his word. The God granted the emperor a boon.

Being a true benevolent king, he asked to be granted that very year on that day he will come down to earth to visit his people and he wanted them to be happy. During Mona celebration, family members get together to share their joy and forgetting old resentments within the family members. 7. Prepare memorable concluding remarks.Amenable transcends to earth he wants to see all his subjects being mercy and happy as he had left them a long time ago. Here in Malaysia we celebrate ‘Mona festival’ at a much moderate scale.

It is only celebrated on the first day and the highlight is the ‘Near Sandy’, a vegetarian spread comprising all types of vegetables cooked in typical Malleable style with banana chips and or ‘papayas’ for dessert. Finally believe you have understood my short sojourn of why and how the ‘Mona festival’ is celebrated by the Malleable Community. Thank you.