Survillance Privacy Essay

Respect Human Rights Privacy is something that is all around us, and the internet usage is one way Inhere privacy is being invaded.

The internet is becoming a huge threat to many people lives. Since privacy is becoming a big concern, the internet is threatening our ability to keep secrets and to keep personal information confidential. There are many Americans who lives have been affected through internet usage.

Searching the internet for either personal reasons or informational reasons, people privacy can be easily accessed by others. Because the internet records people personal activity and personal Information to a huge recording database, people fear internet usage. However, others believe that internet use is forced and a plan to track their movement and their habits. I believe the government should enforce the laws they created to help us preserve our privacy. The Fourth Amendment states a person has the right to privacy.

People should abide and obey the law. Furthermore, invading and individual privacy would be an abuse of human rights; therefore, people should only be monitored if they do something illegal. In some cases, I believe that the government should monitor some Individuals, but in a legal way. If a person Is not doing anything Illegal, then he or she should not be affected by any actions. On the other hand, If a person Is acting suspicious, then they are likely hiding something.For Instance, people wouldn’t act suspicious for any reason. If so, then the National Security Agency (NSA) can monitor Internet activities.

This kind of Information can be valuable In preventing terrorists’ attacks. Terrorists Zane be caught and It can prevent another tragic event Like 9-11 from occurring. Even though NSA has the authority to access confidential Information of Individuals.