Sustainability practises at Media Prima Bhd Essay

Media Prima Bhd 2013Media Prima Berhad was the Platinum victor of the National Annual Corporate Report Awards ( NACRA ) 2013 for Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting and besides the overall victor in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Awards ( ACCA MaSRA ) . The Media Prima Sustainability Report 2013 conforms to the rigorous ‘G3.

1’ guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative ( GRI ) at the highest ‘A+’ degree ( Media Prima Berhad, 2013 ) .Media Prima Bhd believes enriching the ecosystem for originative content industry is still germinating. It is still a acquisition curve and barely get downing for the group and the industry. The dynamic development of originative interactions and evolutionary webs of content across multiple devices have yet to demo its true colourss. Media Prima Berhad believes “connected consumers” will drive media companies like us to new countries and dimensions. Media Prima Berhad has to be nimble to fix ourselves for the new demands. Media Prima Berhad has to understand what the consumer wants ( Media Prima Berhad, 2013 ) .Media Prima Berhad began the sustainability journey by carefully supervising the community around us, to understand their issues and attempts.

Datuk Ahmad A. Talib as the Group CSR Advisor is supervising the Briged Sukarelawan Media Prima-NSTP that has coordinated several alleviation missions across the state. The brigade has collaborated with Mercy Malaysia, Institut Jantung Negara ( IJN ) and Persatuan Bulan Sabit Malaysia ( PBSM ) on assorted programmes.

Media Prima Berhad launched Tabung Lahad Datu instantly after the incursion, roll uping about RM10 million from caring and concerned Malaysians. Media Prima Berhad launched Tabung Kemanusiaan Syria, Tabung Bencana Taufan Haiyan and NSTP-Media Prima for local alleviation attempts. Media Prima Berhad launched its Cubig Digital Series in 2013 placed on KL Monorail pillars in Bukit Bintang to aim the walkers and automobilists. It allows trade name proprietors to pass on with their mark audience by basking alive connectivity across the screens with a multiscreen synchronism consequence. ( Media Prima Berhad, 2013 ) .Pull offing environment and societal hazards drives sustainability and provides competitory advantage now and future. As Malaysia’s Leading Fully Integrated Media Company, our sustainability patterns are about touching lives. Each concern platform takes a proactive function in making out to its stakeholders and doing a difference to their lives.

The construct of sustainability at Media Prima encourages us to incorporate sustainability into our nucleus concern such as raising financess for people in-need through our telecasting programme, Bersamamu and through print in Titipan Kasih Harian Metro. This twelvemonth, we have besides started to incorporate our concern platforms for maximal range and widen our trade name presence to present endowment and content to difference audience groups. Projek Metro, a coaction with Harian Metro and TV3, is a good illustration of this.

Fly FM show, Phat Fabes and Ben show, having the most celebrated couple, Phat Fabes and Ben, is being aired on ntv7 ( Media Prima Berhad, 2013 ) .Media Prima Berhad had established Tabung TV3 and TV3 Persamamu Funds, Special Purpose Fund, Tabung Wira Lahad Datu Media Prima, Media Prima-NSTP Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Fund, and Media Prima Syrian Humanitarian Fund to administer the money for partners. Media Prima Berhad besides increased public consciousness of our environmental, social and administration programmes and public presentation.

Employees of Media Prima Berhad execute difficult work and dedication to regularly behavior market analysis and benchmarking to guarantee their benefit bundle is on a par with market and go on supplying the Media Prima household with a comfy and safe working environment ( Media Prima Berhad, 2013 ) .Economic AreaIn the economic countries of Media Prima Berhad focal point on economic public presentation, market presence, indirect economic impacts. In economic public presentation, the company discloses the direct economic value generated and distributed ( EC1 ) in the Financial Statement of Annual Report 2013. The fiscal deductions, other hazards and chances for the organization’s activities due to climate alteration ( EC2 ) revelation by the company which are owned vehicles has increased by 52.24 % , electricity use has increased by 2.37 % , CO2emanations from air travel increased by 20.

94 % , and entire emanations increased by 5.50 % . The information about coverage of the organisation defined benefit program duties ( EC3 ) , important fiscal aid received from authorities ( EC4 ) , important support and other support received from non-government beginnings ( M1 ) are to the full disclosed by the company in Sustainability Report 2013.

In the market presence, the standard entry degree pay vs. local lower limit pay ( EC5 ) , policy, patterns, and proportion of disbursement on locally-based providers ( EC6 ) , processs for local hiring ( EC7 ) such as best patterns in the workplace, codification of moralss, competitory wage and benefits, employee battle and satisfaction measuring, 4As and Media Prima Bridge Gap with Industrial Talent Exchange, endowment development direction, benchmarks, public presentation measuring, competence model, diverseness and inclusion, corporate understanding & A ; freedom of association and so on besides consider by the company. In the indirect economic impacts of the group disclosures about the development and impact of substructure investing and services provided chiefly for public benefit ( EC8 ) , understanding and depicting important indirect economic impacts ( EC9 ) . All the information from EC1 until EC9 is to the full disclosed in the Sustainability Report 2013 ( Media Prima Berhad, 2013 ) .Environmental AreaIn the environmental country, the group tested the public presentation of a new violent chemical-free home base solution at its workss in Senai and Shah Alam. This pilot was a success and look frontward to this solution being introduced to all of their workss.

This is good for the environment and besides reduces costs. The company has besides installed initiation illuming at their workss, which is one of the best unbroken secrets in energy-efficient lighting. This lighting uses less electricity while minimising the opportunity of oculus strain caused by wavering, strobing or noise. Materials used by weight or volume is disclosed in EN1 but the group purpose to better EN2 about recycled per centum input stuffs used in the hereafter.

Energy of direct and indirect ingestion revelation in EN3 and EN4 but EN5, EN6, and EN7 are mensurating the energy nest eggs still at the early phase so will be disclosed in 2014. Water information revelation from EN8 and EN9 but EN10 no monitoring done at the minute about entire volume and per centum of reused and H2O recycled. Biodiversity information non disclosed from EN11 until EN15 due to indexs are found to be non material in nature of concern as Media Powerhouse. Emissions, wastewaters and waste information revelation in EN16, EN17, and EN18 is about the nursery gas emanations, EN21 and EN22 is about H2O discharge and disposal method while EN19, EN20, EN23, EN24, and EN25 which were non disclosed in the study.

Products and services revelation in EN26 which is about enterprises and widen to extenuate environmental impacts of merchandises and services, but EN27 is non relevant to nature of concern. Conformity revelation in EN28 concern the entire figure of non-monetary countenances for non-compliance and pecuniary value of important mulcts with environmental ordinances and jurisprudence. Transport information revelation in EN29 is about important environment impacts of transporting merchandises, other goods and stuffs used for organization’s operations.

Overall information revelation in EN30 which is entire environmental protection outgos and investings by type ( Media Prima Berhad, 2013 ) .Social AreaThe Social of the group concerns labour patterns and nice work, human rights, society, and merchandise duty. The labour patterns and nice work are about employment information of entire work force, entire figure and rate of employee turnover, benefit provided to full-time employees all are disclosed in LA1, LA2, and LA3, but the company does non supply benefit return to work of employees ( LA15 ) in this minute. Labour or direction dealingss are disclosed in LA4 and LA5 about per centum of employees covered by minimal notice periods sing important operational alterations and corporate bargaining understandings. Occupational wellness and safety are disclosed in LA6 until LA9, preparation and instruction are disclosed in LA10 and LA12, nevertheless LA11 is non implemented in the group, diverseness and equal chance are disclosed in LA13, equal wage for adult females and work forces unwrap in LA14. The human rights of societal concerns about diverseness and equal chance HR1 until HR3, non-discrimination HR4, freedom of association and corporate bargaining HR5, child labour HR6, forces and mandatory labor HR7, security patterns HR8, autochthonal rights HR9, and assessment HR10 all disclosed in the Sustainability Report 2013 except the redress HR11. The Society of the group concerns about community S01, S09, and S010, corruptness S02 until S04, public policy S05 and S06, anti-competitive behaviour S07, conformity S08.

Social of the merchandise duty consist about content creative activity M2 and M3, content airing M4 and M5, audience interaction M6, client wellness and safety PR1 and PR2, merchandise and service labeling PR3 until PR5, selling communications PR6 and PR7, media literacy M7, client privateness PR8, conformity PR9 ( Media Prima Berhad, 2013 ) .


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