Swadeshi Movement Essay

The Swadeshi Movement was a successful resistance policy against the British colonization. Indian citizens were very much encouraged to boycott British goods in order to create India identity and independence.

The movement was important in gaining the new spirit of India and separating India from Britain, which was believed to be the cause of widespread poverty that existed in India at this time. In this novel, The Home and the World there is an extreme difference between two characters trying to reach that common goal. Nikhil believes in a nation that is peaceful and demonstrates the equality for all individuals.Nikhil is quoted saying, “Use force? But for what? Can force prevail against truth? ” (Pg. 45) In Nikhil’s opinion, there is a fine line between forcing something upon a nation and creating understanding among all people to achieve the goal. During these times, however, this was simply not an option. Sandip, on the other hand, had the right idea.

He believed in using power and force. “My country does not become mine simply because it is the country of my birth. It becomes mine on the day when I am able to win it by force. ” (Pg. 45) Sandip is ruthless and stirs the emotions of the people of Bengal.His motivations are selfish at times, prompted by the need to better himself in the social niche of Bengal. He fools people with his mask of sincerity, which Nikhil does not fall for. In my opinion, Sandip has many traits that today’s political figures have.

The figures of today have a tendency to tell the nation what it wants to hear. Sandip possesses great oratory skill that wins over many people of Bengal. His verbal power is so great that he moves people to riots and protests even after his departure from the area. This solely shows how influential he truly was in trying to meet his goal.When you think about achieving goals, the emphasis should be on reaching that goal no matter what it takes. The end is what is important and that is the foundation of Sandip’s attitude. At times, this may seem a bit harsh but when you really think about it, life is about getting the job done.

Today, the United States is extremely advanced in almost every aspect of society. This is due to the fact that our leaders put more focus on the ends than they do on the means. Whether we want to admit to it or not, rules have been bent daily in order to reach those goals and gain an advantage upon the rest of the world.As you can see today, this way was successful. This is just one of many present-day examples that shows that Sandip’s position regarding the Swadeshi movement was by far in a way the more powerful and effective form.

Bending and breaking the rules is something that goes on daily in the political society of almost every nation. It is something that must be accepted and dealt with. Nikhil’s idea of a peaceful country with social harmony is a great one, but rather than being the realist that Nikhil shows, we need to consider the idealist view that Sandip displays throughout the novel.