Swan…! The beautiful, the eye-catching, the attractive

A pleasurable creature of the nature


swans, like the soul of a poet, by the dull world is ill understood

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The beautiful, the eye-catching,
the attractive and the magnificent bird found all over the world is called Swan
in common language and known as Cygnus Atratus scientifically. This bird Swan,
can be as dangerous as it looks attractive. Its beautiful feathers have the
capacity to break your arm. Swans use their feathers to protect them from
danger. Moreover, they not only protect themselves but cam also harm the other
animals if they feel any danger from them.


The swans are found in
northern and southern hemispheres. But they exist in different colors, size and
behavior. But for all these thing a Swan largely depends upon its species.
There are almost 7 different species of Swans that exist.  

of Swan

Seven versatile species
of swans exist till date but their size, their color, their breeding ways,
their eating habits are really dependent on the specie they belong to. Swans
can generally be of following types.

1.      Mute Swans

type is named Mute Swans because of the fact that they are less vocal in
comparison to other species. They are generally found in Eurasia and rarely
visit North Africa. Milky white color with orange beak and black lining is the specialty
of mute swans. This specie nests on large mounds. They dance together while
swimming in the water. They also sing in spite of their name “mute swans”. Their
singing ability is termed as swan song. De facto, the peace of the lake or river
depends upon the will of swans.  

2.      Whooper Swans

are larger swans when compared to other species, pronounced as Hooper swans. They
require large water areas to live and reproduce. They may be found in Scotland
and Iceland too.

3.      Trumpeter Swans

swans are found in North America. But these are rare with more than 10 ft. length
of feathers. It is considered to be the heaviest bird in America. They breed in
marshy pounds and undistributed lakes. These swans can only honk instead of

4.      Black Swans

                      A rare bird on earth is
like black swan…!

a beast with beauty. It generally bread in southeast and southwest Australia. Its
white feathers, bright red bill and greyish foot make it look more attractive. They
are found in slated lakes and rivers. They can swim by using their one leg. You
will wonder for sure… why it does so….

it help them to change their direction in water more easily during their swim


The swan’s diet vary as
per their region and place of living. They may survive on insects or may
survive on plants in water like seaweeds and berries. They can also eat insects
from water. Their diet is also dependent on their nutritional needs and
seasonal conditions.


The migration behavior
of the swan varies from one specie to another. It also depend on their living
place. The swans living in colder areas may migrate to some areas with moderate
environment in winters.  

for swans

Danger…? Like what? Yes
swan are in danger. As they could be targeted by the other species. They are
generally targeted by humans, who predate them to get their meat and utilize
their feathers.

Wolves and foxes are
also among the predators of swan. Bad thing is they not only target the swans
but engulf their eggs too. This thing is very harmful for swan’s survival.


Well, it is said that,

           “When a swan’s mate passes away, it
has been proven that the other swan
             can die from broken heart.”

However, it is not
known that up to which level the above statement is true but reality is the
swans rarely change their mate. Other birds have seasonal mates. But swans are
more faithful and loyal to each other.

This may be a
uniqueness on the part of swans and due to this reason they are considered to
be a natural symbol of love. When two swans join their becks it results in
making a heart shape, a natural love sign. So swan crystal pieces are gifted to
the loved ones on Valentine’s Day and also used in wedding to express love and

The swans only prefer
to go with a new mate if their old mate dies. They stay with each other for the
whole life. This way they can have more and more number of offspring. The female
lay three or nine eggs which ripe up just after a month. The female swan is
charged with responsibility to protect the new born swans. They can nest
anywhere they found suitable for them. The nest is built and is repairable

De facto, my point of
view about swans is;

“They may be a symbol of love and
loyalty but just because swans

for life, I don’t think it’s that big deal. As if you are a swan,

probably not going to find a swan that looks much better than

  the one
you’ve got, so why not mate for life.” 😉


Swans are awesome in
regard of adaptation. The instantly adopt the changes in the environment. This is
great plus point for the survival of swans. This is the result of adaptation
that such heavy bird can fly.


Swans are becoming extinct
with time. There is a strong need to provide them protection. The major threats
are hunting and pollution factors. At present there is no much threat to swans
but still precautionary measures must be taken. Because swans can face the
issues like all other birds. So before the time we lost them we should make
efforts to protect them.


Swans importance and
demand can be checked by the fact that the British Empire’s queen owns the
swan. There is a man hired by royals to take care of swans. He is called as
swan-master. Swans can be viewed as symbol of royalty. The queen gifts the swan
to the person to whom she find fit to deal with the responsibility. Swans are
also popular on royal tables as the taste of swan dishes is unmatchable. But alongside,
more than cooking they are much taken care of as most lovable pets.

Well, we can say that
swans are one of the natural beauties and if the saying and researches are to
be believed then swans are most loyal to their partners than humans. They have
courtships. They also dance called “courtship dance”, once a courtship is
accomplished they stay together for the rest of their lives. Whatever the actual
fact but these sound interesting. However, this specie need special attention
by humans for their survival.