SWOT by focusing on achieving their work. ·


Mobilink has the latest employee training and
development approaches. It can adapt to all sorts of change and bring
intermediate improvement in work practices whenever the need arises.

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It hires only the most highly qualified and
exceptionally intelligent and energetic people that results in lesser HR
problems as people are willing to change take constructive criticism and focus
on personal development and professional development by focusing on achieving
their work.

Making people realize their full potential and capabilities
which is why jobs are designed to be challenging and goals are made to be
achievable yet competitive and results in a high level of motivation.

Focuses on giving additional benefits to its
employees apart from the basic remuneration.

The HR practices of jazz greatly enhance its
image as a company the wants to contribute towards the society in every
possible way. AS the main focus on developing better people not just better


The employees are supposed to work at late night
without being paid additionally.

Mobilink has trend of maintain relation with
employees and sticking them to the job as long as they are productive .Most of
the people are promoted from within the company to form middle and upper management.
This results in loss of creativity that can be recognized by external
recruitment for this core managerial position.


The company can discover great potential through
the future graduates as every generation is being taught in more effective
manner. Jazz can recruit the cream of graduates as being number one.

Creating best image of the company in the mind
of customers by adding the value added services.

With the expansion in the company business in
Pakistan the HR department can be expanded in order to manage diversity of


The skilled and qualified workers are being
attracted by the other cellular phone and multinational companies .

Due to entering of new companies in cellular
industry th e competition has been enhanced like other areas HR departments is
facing the threat of employees switching from jazz to other companies.