Synergetic Solutions Report Essay

Synergetic Solutions Report

Synergetic Solutions is a company attempting to change from being a business system integration firm to a designer and implementer of complex computing networks. The company want to raise its revenues to 80 percent of total sales within the next nine months. As the company reinvents itself it is going to face multiple types of resistance from employees, and will have to overcome this by employing various strategies (University of Phoenix, 2002).

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Synergetic Solutions is facing several forces for change. The first set of forces are internal forces within the company. The company will face difficulties because most of its employees possess only basic computer skills. Without a wider range of knowledge these employees are not going to be able to keep up with the new types of demands they will face as the company changes its focus. A second internal change force that the company faces is a limited number of skilled specialists. There are not enough specialists to handle the number of projects the company is looking at taking on; so when it does, projects are either going to fall behind schedule or they will be taken away from the company for a lack of skilled workers. A third issue that the company is going to face is an absenteeism rate increasing. As workers become unsettled in their job and the status quo changes employees will take more time off work to get away from the stress that is being caused within the company. If Synergetic Solutions handles the change very carefully they should be able to reduce this rate of absences rather than watching it increase.

There are several external forces of change that Synergetic Solutions is facing. They want to compete in a changing market where there is more revenue to be made. The first issue they faces was that the market they are in is stagnating. It is no longer growing and if the company wants to continue to grow it needs to branch out and find new customers. As the company is receiving new projects it is facing a second new force. They now have new competitors. If they cannot keep up with projects or keep projects within a budget they will lose business to their competition. The competition that they will be facing will come on a global scale and so the company is also going to have to branch out and be able to work on a large scale. A third external source of change is technology. Synergetic Solutions currently does not have the technology needed to keep up with the projects that are in the pipeline. Employees will have to be trained in this new technology or the company will have to hire new employees that already have the skill set to work with the technology.

Synergetic Solutions wants to become a team-based structure. So as change takes place within the company there is going to need to be a focus on helping employees become team players. The entire reporting structure is going to have to change so that employees are working with their teams rather than reporting to supervisors that are not outside the realm of their team. In order to do this the Chief Operating Officer (COO) is going to want to reorganize office space. Employees are more likely to work with people that it is convenient for them to work with so by restructuring the space the COO is streamlining the work process (University of Phoenix, 2002). A second change strategy that the company should consider is hiring a few new employees. They can bridge the skill gap within the company and improve competencies. By having the new employees it gives the company time to train existing employees in new skill sets so that there will be enough highly skilled employees to work on the projects and make sure that they are completed on time. By hiring new employees and training current employees there will also be an increase in projects in the pipeline because other companies will see that Synergetic Solutions can handle the projects that it already has and has the skill set to solve solutions.

With any change comes a resistance to change. Synergetic Solutions is going to face many especially since it is making a drastic change in the status quo by moving to a team-based structure. The company will probably see resistance come in the form of habit. With so many changes being made personnel will rely on previous habits that they have of who they refer to. Once communication is made to help them understand that reporting to new team-leaders will make things run more smoothly there will be a change in this resistance (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Managers within Synergetic Solutions are going to have to focus on employee security. If employees begin to feel that they are no longer secure in their job productivity will fall and absenteeism will rise. One way that this can be combated is by offering employees incentives to increase their skill set and variable pay packages will help keep those employees that are already skilled (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Those that have created power relationships will resist any change. There are two ways that this can be dealt with. The company can offer severance options to allow those employees to leave that do not see the benefit of the new system. The company can also place those that are resisting in marginal functions within the company. This should cause non-conformance within the company to be reduced to a minimum (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Those employees that were seen as the specialists within the company may feel some resistance and resentment by training employees in new skill sets. They have seen themselves as a specialist group and that expertise is no longer going to be in high demand from them. Building support and commitment with these employees is going to be very important.

They need to feel like their contributions are still respected and needed. There is also going to have to be some realigning of job responsibilities with these employees and communication is going to be key in making sure that this transformation goes smoothly. Also, give these employees a chance to voice their concerns and have some say in the process. This will keep these employees happy (Robbins & Judge, 2011). The last major factor for resistance to change that Synergetic Solutions is going to see will be fear of the unknown. This is where education and communication is going to be a key factor in keeping employees satisfied. The company must be sure to involve employees in the change process. When departments are restructured with functional heads and the employees are realigned into project teams, make sure to hold meetings to address any employee concerns and to fully communicate the changes that are being made. Give employees training schedules so that they know ahead of time what they will be accomplishing and what incentives are going to be available for them once they have accomplished an increase in skill sets (Robbins & Judge, 2011).

Synergetic Solutions is going to face many different forces that will attempt to stop the company from reinventing itself. As long as the company educates and communicates with its employees so that they know and understand what is going on within the company, they will retain more employees and be able to hire new employees. They are going to need to build support and commitment within the company so that employees are willing to participate in the changes that will take place. As long as the company treats fairly with its employees it will be able to make the positive changes it needs to over the next nine months. References

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