System Development Life Cycle Essay

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a project management technique used to divide complex projects into smaller and more manageable segments or phases. The software development projects include initiation, planning, analyzing, design, programming, testing, implementation, and maintenance phases. Through the feasibility study task the system is investigated to use the existing program or to change it. Once the decision is made through the feasibility analysis the decision is made to move forward or not, which is called the “Go/No-Go” (Rainer & Turban, 2009).

The system analysis examines the problem in the business and makes plans to enhance or create a new system through an information system. To make sure if the system will be able to complete the assignment is done through the systems design. This function has two aspects, which is the logical design and physical design (what and how). Programming transfers the designs into computer codes. Testing requires the system to continuously check to see if the computer codes will produce the end results that are expected.

To convert old information to a new system is the implementation stage. The converting is three stages of implementation, which is direct, pilot, and phased. Once the old system is replaced and the new system is stabilized audits are performed. In addition, maintenance is done, the first type of maintenance is debugging- this is done throughout the life of the system. Updating the system is needed, which is used to record the change in the business.

Finally, the system needs additions, which allows the phase to add new functions to the system without disturbing the system operation. Some advantages of the SDLC are control, accountability, and error detection. The earlier and error is detected the less money is needed to correct the problem. Though there are some advantages of the SDLC, there are some disadvantages also. The disadvantages are, once the system has been structured in a certain way is too time consuming and expensive to change or make any alterations. Much consideration should be taken before making any changes.