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t this point in mylife I believe that I have taken on more of a leader role than amanger role. As part of this role, I possess technical proficiency inmy current position, lookout for the subordinates that are placedunder me and a communicate effectively with my superiors andsubordinates. Also,.

I had theunique opportunity to get to know my subordinates which had themfollow me voluntarily. By attending college and encouraging others topursue secondary education I sought out self improvement and overallimprovement for those that I worked with/for and always asked mypeers and superiors how I could be a better person. This measuredwith my own perceptions of myself through reflection and feedback Isought out ways to work on weaknesses and broaden my strengths. What key differencesin leadership traits do you see between yourself and your supervisor?Refer to specific leadership traits discussed in the requiredtextbook chapters. Some key leaderdifferences in my supervisor and me are that have taken steps toensure that I’m technically proficient in what my job entails.

Another trait that we differ on is communication. As of late, therehas been a disconnect between the two of us and as a result, thecorrect information is not getting to the where it should be. Anothertrait that is differing between me and my supervisor is caring formyself and the team. A trait the possesses that I am lacking in issetting the example. I have forgotten that I’m an example for my superiors and subordinates on what right should be looking like andconducting myself in a way that would want someone to emulate whatI’m doing Hiriyappa 2009.

A final trait that I lack that mysupervisor possesses is the ability to knowing what is mine andowning what is mine. Responsibility has been lacking and as a resultsome things occurred that ended up with unintended consequences.Through analysis, there has been corrective action on my part and asa result the challenges before me are being met with a newperspective. Hiriyappa 2009. From a behavioralstandpoint, My supervisor is more of a task-oriented manager. Hisgoal is task accomplishment.

He/ she is also very results drivenalong with ensuring that structure is in place so that as fewthings as possible are missed in a process Hiriyappa 2009. They doprovide a certain sense of encouragement and some motivation tosucceed, but not the extent where they would fall into the role of aleader.Hartzell, 2013. I, on the other hand fall into more of anemployee centered role.

I tend to assist in personal growth of aperson because of the human resources that I had. This made me moreof a visible and accessible person because of my belief thatknowledge is power and sharing knowledge is a key to successfuldecision making by the group and take the role of decision makingdown to the lowest level, the end user that has to implement what thegroup decides to doHiriyappa 2009.Hartzell, 2013.

I have beenable to empower my subordinates to achieve what they set out to do.