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Target costing is a cost used by a house to cut down the cost of the merchandise instead than its merchandise life rhythm. It is a direction cost tool to cut down the overall cost of the merchandise by holding the aid from production, technology, research and design. Target bing concerned the scene of the mark cost by deducting the net income border from the competitory market monetary value. It is the maximal sum of cost that the house can incurred to the merchandise to gain a net income from a peculiar merchandise ‘s selling monetary value. Management ever makes usage of this system to convene both the demand of its clients and the company net income ends.

Target bing peculiarly highlighted the decrease of costs during the planning and design phase of the merchandise life rhythm because the cost will be determined in this phase instead than development and production phase. This is an efficient manner to put the cost because direction set the cost in head instead than waiting for the merchandise to bring forth, and so put the cost and pattern cost economy. This is excessively late if the house set the merchandise monetary value after the merchandise had produced. In comparing with traditional costing, the merchandise costs are more likely to be step in development and production phase.Target costing is largely involved merchandise selling directors, applied scientists and others who are parts of the design and development procedure of the merchandise.

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Those direction individuals know the costs incurred instead than accountant. Target costing is popular in Nipponese house and they had used this attack to cut down the cost of the merchandise such as Toyota, Toshiba and Nissan. When the Nipponese gustatory sensation had become more varied, the assembly oriented production grown, and this increased the demand for the diverse scope of the merchandises to shorten the merchandise life rhythm.

As a consequence, there will be more focal point on the cost of the merchandise in fabrication, design and development of the merchandise. Therefore, mark costing is utile for the houses. There is some methods are promoted by mark bing such as Just-in-Time, Total Quality Control, material Requirement Planning and Value Engineering.

In add-on, mark costing besides supported four basic stairss which are define the merchandise, set the monetary value and cost marks, so achieve the marks and in conclusion maintain competitory costs.

Advantages of Target Costing

Basically, company used the mark bing method to be after the costs of merchandise before they are introduced and to guarantee that the low-margin merchandises are non introduced which do non convey sufficient returns. There are extra intents for companies to present mark bing which vary from company to company.Target bing used to cut down costs before the merchandises are locked in, it provides a agency to pull off costs from the design phase to maximise the potency for cost decrease. Besides, mark costing is besides a tool that can used to command determinations such as design specifications and production techniques.Furthermore, mark bing besides can be as analysis which highlights other jobs. The subject of mark costing and the elaborate reappraisal of costs can uncover more general managerial jobs.

It ‘s besides can move as driver for the cost betterment in the companies.Last, mark costing besides used to promote a focal point on the client. It stimulates behavior which is customer-focused and encourages all maps within the company to react to market demand and competitory tendencies instead than internal public presentation indexs.

Disadvantages of mark costing

Although have so many advantages as what is stated above, but it do hold its disadvantages merely like any other method. One of the disadvantages of mark costing is the emphasis on the design squad of companies utilizing mark costing. Design squads might experience emphasis and the full load on their shoulders because they need to find whether the merchandise will finally advance to the market or non due to it put a great accent on maintaining cost below the mark cost.

Besides, the manufacturer might utilize the cost based mark bing to squash the net income borders of providers, in that manner to acquire the stuffs at as lower cost as possible. This over-emphasis on cost cuts often- unsighted manufacturer to the existent kernel of mark costing and will do the possible abuse of the technique happened.Last, the clip bing might go on due to the development clip of the merchandise will be longer because the merchandise is repeatedly designed to run into or below the mark cost.

This might convey a disadvantage to the merchandise ‘s company.

Key Principles of Target Costing

Target bing consist of several cardinal rules. Target bing acted as price-led costing. Companies used this bing method to find the market monetary value.

Besides, the mark costing besides focuses on the clients and besides merchandise ‘s design. The value of the characteristics and the map of the merchandise must be greater than the cost of the merchandise and demand to run into the demand of the clients. The full merchandises from initial construct through concluding production are responsible by the cross functional merchandise and procedure squads. Furthermore, the value concatenation involvement members like providers, service suppliers, distributers and clients are besides included in this costing procedure. Furthermore, the entire life rhythm costs that are included operating, care, distribution and purchase costs are minimized for both of the clients and manufacturers. So that, aim bing can be described as a systematic procedure of cost direction and net income planning.


“ The intent of mark costing is to place the production cost for a proposed merchandise, such that the merchandise, when sold, generates the coveted net income border.

” based on Robin Cooper ( 1992 ) . Unlike Robin Cooper, Takao Tamaka defines that, aim costing is more intricately as “ the attempt made at the planning and development phases to obtain a cost mark set by direction. Besides, he besides stated that mark bing method is used to convey the mark cost and the estimated cost into line by better specification and design of the merchandise ” . These definitions bring out the chief aims of the mark bing system as explained in the foregoing paragraphs.As the decision, mark costing can be said to be the lone system that involved two major elements within the control of the house, which are target monetary value and mark net incomes. as the chiefs who are the group leaders and besides other proficient forces are involved in the design phase in redesigning or in modifying the design of the merchandise.

So that the committedness of all concerned to accomplish the mark cost is assured and for now, the lone control that has to be exercised is to incorporate costs within the allowable or mark cost.