Target with video assignments Students can improve

Target audience – Teachers Goal CTA – check out Hippo Video and sign upPlatform –   “Technology gives the quietest student a voice” – Jerry Blumengarten Nowadays, students expect a more interactive experience that helps them connect with their teachers and fellow mates. It is a well known fact that videos are a great way to amp up the process of teaching and learning. With all the tools and technology available, creating videos is now easier than ever!  Video assignments can be easily implemented and can be used for a variety of topics/subjects. Why Video assignments? Now, the question is, Why choose technology over paper and books? The wide availability of tools over the internet has resulted in video as a common means of expression among students and teachers. Through video assignments, students can explore a million ways to create assignments. There are many advantages that come along with video assignments Students can improve their speech training Students can present information in new creative ways Video assignments improve engagement as students can share the video production process with fellow mates. With video analytics tools you can see which students are watching your video lessons, and how much they’re watching. You might wonder, as educators, how can one leverage videos to drive up engagement in the classroom?  Teachers can post their lectures as videos and let students see/access them whenever they want. Students can create video assignments. Video assignments help increase student’s confidence and engagement. Below are a few simple yet powerful ideas for using videos in class assignments. Video Presentation A video presentation enables students to add visual aids like slides or images to the video. Recording presentations using technology provides an opportunity to re-organize time, and to rethink content.It gives them the opportunity to learn how to prepare material for public presentation as well. Creating a video presentation is a now a cake walk. Play your presentation in the form of a video with Hippo Video. You can transform your google slide presentation into a quick instructional video. You can also create videos directly inside Google Docs. While recording the presentation you can choose to add a voice-over, highlight, focus etc. Students can record their video and then share the video file link. They can choose to record the video along with the webcam and microphone option as well. Question & Answer sessions This activity lets students record their response to one or multiple questions.  You can ask your students to record of video of them answering spontaneously to a series of questions. This way, you can understand your students take on a certain discussion based on their facial expression and how quick they are responding.  Students can then submit their recordings through a link. The sole purpose of this activity is that they need to think on their feet and be spontaneous.  Tutorials and How-to’s videos These are the most common type of videos used in the field of education.  Through video assessment you see how well a student is understanding a concept. In a math class, for instance, a student can capture and share their desktop screen as they’re working through a problem. This way, you can assess their level of understanding. This video can be shared with other students as well so that they can learn from their fellow mates.  With Hippo Video you can record a whiteboard explainer video. You can also edit the video once it is done with some basic as well as advanced edit options. Group Project Collaborative learning is the most powerful way of learning. You can bring together your students in small groups to plan and record a video submission.  They can create videos, record meetings, and upload documents such as pictures or audio files and complete the project. You can also ask your students to do a role play using the webcam feature. Conclusion As video assignments are becoming popular, it also provides an opportunity to increase engagement and maximise the level of learning. Students have the opportunity to visualise concepts in their own unique way. Videos let students create their own teaching and learning method. Hippo Video works well with the Google educational ecosystem. Now, who would have thought that creating and posting videos directly from inside Google Classroom, Google Docs and Google slides is possible? Well, we make miracles happen right here at Hippo Video. What are you still waiting for? Get your video assignments done right away.