Targets drinking, are all essential needs of

Targetsfocus on managing forests sustainably, restoring degraded lands andsuccessfully combating deserti­fication, reducing degraded natural habitats andending biodi­versity loss. All of these efforts in combination will help ensurethat livelihoods are preserved for those that depend directly on forests andother ecosystems, that biodiversity will thrive, and that the benefits of thesenatural resources will be enjoyed for generations to come.Agenda2030 recognizes the centrality of water resources for sustainability and thevital role that improved drinking water, sanitation and hygiene play in thedevelop­ment of the community.

Water for hygiene, sanitation and particularly,drinking, are all essential needs of all human beings. Humans can alwayssurvive without food if water is adequate. However, without water safe fordrinking and in adequate quantity, then the issue of water security remainsunresolvedEnvironmentalhazards usually transcend international and regional borders. In order to strengthencooperative and resilient capacity development, we may need to understand whichcountries are more susceptible to the impacts of the environmental hazards andwhich requires timely responseThird-worldcountries that are usually entrenched in debt financing need adequate supportof international organizations and donors in order to service their debts.

Of particularattention are the land-locked countries and this is observable in their dwindlingeconomies. This measure thus helps to evaluate the current situation in theseeconomies.Thisindicator measures the development of infrastructures; innovativeindustrialization, etc.

can be achieved through improved domestic andinternational technical, financial, developmental and research-oriented inputsfor each country. Access to communication and information advancements plays amajor role in enhancing this indicator.Incomeinequalities, which have bedeviled many economies, have now been recognized asa measure of economic progress within and between groups of countries. The datacovered therefore includes all demographic levels and gender representations.Food security interms of quality and quantity is a necessary requirement for a healthy andproductive population. However a key ingredient to achieving this is extensivecrop and animal production to feed the ever-increasing demands.

Aids andinvestments from international organizations also aid the attainment of thisobjective.This indicator demonstrates access of education of highquality and life-long training. Also incorporated is the proportion of peoplethat have acquired these skills together with equitable and greater access tovocational training and technical education at different stages of their liveswhere they have gained valuable skills.

Thismeasure incorporates not only wellbeing, but also prosperity and good health toevery age group, particularly children and reproductive mothers. Therefore, itconcerns everybody in a country