Tasks for Adaptation: A competent leader perceives

Tasks of the manager Programming: It is the prerequisite before applying any action. The ingredients to be adapted to a programming plan are: Space, Time, People and Production. Analysis: It is the activity of examining and translating different kinds of data. Reporting: It’s a record of everyday activities and their results. Manning: The executive will identify the AB required in an organization, the head of staff will look into the search for the right employees, the head of a production line will place the employees in the jobs that suits them. Education: It aims to provide employees with knowledge. Executive expresses policy and rules, managers express methods and procedures, and other managers are the trainers. Direct supervision: Monitoring the results of employees’ efforts. Close supervision makes managers aware of the situation at any time and takes action when needed. 2 2 Leader – Leadership An effective manager is a leader. Leader is the one who has fans. His duty is not to give orders. He has fans not because of his position but because of his personality. The leader’s components are: Knowledge: A leader can also be a simple worker who knows the organization and processes well. Charisma: It is the natural ability of a man to “win” fans. Authorized Authority: It is the power and power that is handled by a high-level manager. But the absence of the previous ingredients is a cause of failure. Acceleration: It’s helping to speed up a process. Personal Production: It concerns the performance of the duties governing his / her employment position. The difference with other jobs is that the manager’s duties can only be handled by him. 3 3 Fundamental Principles of Leadership in Adjusted Environments General Consideration – Insight: Leaders must have the ability to monitor developments as if they “lie on a balcony”. Be able to locate efforts, recognize inappropriate work patterns, and respond to changes and developments. They must also be able to predict and perceive timely upcoming changes or even create them themselves. Identifying Challenges for Adaptation: A competent leader perceives the threat in a timely manner. At the same time it makes it clear to the team of its associates. For him the distinction between Technical Challenge and Challenge for Adaptation is clear. The sources of diagnosis of the challenges are: people inside and outside the organization, incompatibilities and conflicts, holds the responsibility of the results. Anxiety-Anxiety Settings: Creating stress and anxiety conditions to understand adaptation. Creating a controlled environment among employees by understanding the developments, the framework to be followed, etc. The leader is responsible for directing, protecting, guiding and managing incompatibilities. Presence and self-determination, that is emotional capacity to manage uncertainty and frustration.