Tata Motors Essay

1. Cultural and political issues can affect Tata Motor’s Nano car. Cultural issues such as differences in languages, customs, and social issue can contribute either positively or negatively towards the Nano car. Tata Motor’s has to learn all of the legal ramifications in each country they plan to sell their car. For instance, just because the Nano meets the safety requirements in India does not mean it will pass the safety requirements of another because that culture may have stricter standards.

Political issues such as tax implications, trade agreements, and data transfers across national borders can positively or negatively affect Tata Motor’s Nano car. For instance different countries have different tax laws. What Tata Motor’s pays for taxes in one country may be significantly higher than another country it does business in. 2. Governance and compliance would affect Tata Motors by enacting the company to manage its financial and technological information set to a certain standard.

The organization is subject to many regulations governing data retention, confidential information, financial accountability, and recovery from disasters. 3. The different global system development issues Tata Motors may encounter as it deploys its Nano are difficulties when first setting up the global information system. Developing a global information system is a very hard thing to do and management should expect conflicts when first starting out.

Language problems can arise especially if foreigners are accessing the site to buy a Nano and find that the price is listed in American dollars. 4. Tata Motors used innovation to develop the Nano by brain-storming to find out how they could make the cheapest car possible that still met safety regulations for their lower income customers. Tata Motors took a lot of components out of their car such as air conditioning , power brakes, radios etc.

Tata Motors also took a lot of expensive steel out of the cars frame, making it lighter. The Nano’s modular design is also innovative. The car is constructed of components that can be built and shipped separately to be assembled in a variety of locations, which has never been done before. Tata Motors did not come up with any break-through technology but they came up with an innovative affordable car, the cheapest manufactured car in the world. 5.

Tata Motors could use social networking to increase business by posting ads and increasing a fan base on such sites as Facebook, so that its millions of users will be aware of the company and what they manufacture. 6. Tata Motors could improve operations and increase sales by using virtual worlds such as SecondLife. SecondLife could increase Tata Motors exposure if Tata Motor employees created avatars and form a group on the site in which they can interact with each other and share information. Their presence would be seen my SecondLife’s millions of users.