Teacher-Learner more students share the more information

Teacher-Learner Relationships


all parts of the world a teacher is the backbone of the educational field. They
interacts with students, parents, administrators, and other colleagues.  The role of the teacher involves wearing many
hats, embracing many cultures, differentiating lessons, creating a safe
classroom environment, and more (Ministry of Education,
Guyana, 2013).  However, the most
important but common role of a teacher is delivering an effective lesson to
reach all the different leaners.

play an important role in all learners’ life. Being a role model isn’t normally
how teachers perceives themselves; however, it is inadvertently how others view
them.  Therefore, setting a positive
example inside and outside of the classroom environment is primarily a
reflection of all teachers.  In doing so,
teachers’ becomes the role model for both parents, students, and colleagues

teachers learn from each other, they learn to teach in different and sometimes
similar ways using different methods and techniques such as whole group, small
group, lectures, and etc.  Using various
technology tools can play a vital role in educating students of all walks of
life and reaching the different learning style.

learners are responsible for interacting with their teachers and other learners
while participating and being an active learner in learning activities.  These activities are but not limited to
performing, discussing, presenting, and investigating in daily learning.  The learners, whom God created equally are of all races, genders,
cultures, and or disabilities. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for
you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a
future and a hope”.  

and sharing of ideas and respect helps students to develop a passion for
learning.  The more students share the
more information they take in and the more open minded they become.  This can result in students accepting the
diversity of ideas being shared throughout the world.