Teachers EAL students’ knowledge, the teacher can

Teachers should be aware that EAL students are doing several things at the same time. They learn English at the same time they learn the curriculum subjects through English, in addition, they have to learn a second MFL. EAL students do not study English as a separate subject but through the curriculum. Bell foundation prepared an Assessment descriptors and Proficiency bands  to EAL students, which can be used for formative and summative assessment.

Teachers wonder if it is better for students to wait until they acquire a working knowledge level in English before attending MFL lessons or what assessment issue EAL students can have. According to my personal experience also, EAL students have potential strengths, intellectual advantages to talk MFL, and paying attention to their learning process accurately they tend to become bilingual. They have better classification skills, visual skills, story-telling skills, and language awareness. During my placement, I worked with an EAL student from Cyprus. If he were not always distracted by his peers, he should achieve a very good level in French. I talked to him a lot during breaks and I had the chance to know him better and I learned some Greek words. Unfortunately, he did not have the opportunity to share his culture to compare languages, it would have been a good occasion to compare Greek, English, French and perhaps Hungarian in order that English students are aware of how languages work and we need study not only a piece of language but context day by day. To assess EAL students’ knowledge, the teacher can use quiz, yes or no question, traffic lights.

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The aim of this essay was to outline existing research concerning the assessment activities in the Modern Foreign Language Education. Theoretically the aim of Assessment to Learning and Assessment for Learning is the same; however, the Formative Assessment consists of a huge variety of classroom activities which are necessary to involve all the students in the learning process. The questions that teachers face Why, What, and How MFL teacher assess? The MFL teacher assesses to get information for both her/him and students about the learning process, we assess to ensure that learning objectives are reached, to motivate students to be involved in the classroom activities by identifying strengths and weak points in students’ ability to provide them suitable activities. During the outstanding lesson, students should acquire knowledge and improve their understanding, as well as learn and practice MFL skills. Students should concentrate on tasks even without direction from the teacher. The teacher should provide challenging MFL activities in order to get students’ commitment to succeed in profiting from the opportunities to develop their learning, looking forward to progressing more and more.

It is a challenge to be expert in formative assessment practices since teachers must understand AfL and be confident to use them during the learning process. It requires strategy, a collaborative atmosphere which encourages a good practice, it requires time to review the feedback and answer the feedback.